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MY country pisses me off. IT pisses me off so bad.

I mean.. there has been a plane crash and the president orders 3 days mourning… what that means I have no idea. Why 3 days? why not 1, 2, 10, 2 weeks.. ?

Why do we tend to focus on the cure and not prevention?

I would have expected to see fire fighters and engines trying to cool off the plane fire and control the situation with the hope of finding people that survived. Instead I saw chaos.. and in place of fire fighters, civilians holding the fire hose delivering the water to the crashed plane. I thank God for one thing though… the people are willing to help. Where the government has failed us, the people have stepped up. It makes me wonder what would have happened in a western country. If a crash like this happened, the civilians have no business being too close to the plane. It is a hazard to them. The government takes control, the existing fire fighters do their job and in most cases with good results.

I am tired of hearing excuses and arguments of why my country is the way it is. People keep dying for no reason, or reasons that could have been totally avoided. Do we have an equivalent of 999 or 911? Yes, only that instead of 3 digits, it is several digits long and guess what, if you don’t get through to that number, you can try a different number.

I am tired of a country that is not being run properly. We have no hope in our safety. There is no one to help. If a billionaire  happens to have an accident in the middle of nowhere even him has a very slim chance of being helped. Do we even have ambulances with fuel in them?

What is our government doing? There isn’t enough money to make sure we have an emergency system that works? Fine, why did they not start saving for it years ago? Or did you think casualties will stop to happen simply because we cannot afford or do not consider a well equipped emergency system important or a priority?

Finally.. before I go and stew in my anger frustration and sadness, why are we so quick to pronounce people DEAD? We seem to claim joy is saying rest in peace. Immediately people heard about the plane crash it was all about rest in peace. A few hours on and they still haven’t confirmed everyone on the plane is dead. We say we wish people well, yet we are quick to jump and tell them to rest in peace? Are we in a hurry to find out their fate? Why can’t we wait till it is confirmed? Even the authorities said they doubt there were survivors… ‘they doubt’ does not mean it is true. Have they checked? Have they made an effort to find people? Also, who gives them to right to pronounce people dead without seeing for themselves they are dead. Let me guess.. it is only common sense right? After all we all expect people to die in a plane crash. Well I will tell you one thing.. the plane crash a few years ago in Nigeria had one survivor. If that is not enough to keep people hoping, I don’t know how else to help you. The Tsunami, the crash of the world trade centre etc all had survivors, be it one or more.

Be careful with your words. IF you want to wish the dead rest, be selective with you words. Specify that those that have died should rest in peace, don’t just assumed they are all dead.

I am really hoping and praying that there are survivors. People do not deserve to die for someone elses mistake.

The aviation industry in Nigeria really needs to be checked out.


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13 thoughts on “ARRRGHHHHHHHH

  1. Hey lady, please calm down. If you allow Jonathan to piss you off, then you might continually be pissed off for the next 4 years.

    As for the people, it is a known fact that people derive joy in spreading bad news. Just don’t join the bandwagon.

    Cool it ooo.

  2. Like you, I’m very disappointed in the current administration. I just wish we’ll have the courage to demand good leadership

  3. My dear, I am still trying to think what d 3 days mourning is to achieve o…. I don’t think declaring a day or 3 of mourning is what we need. How do we ensure this doesn’t happen again?

    Since I saw d 1st message on bbm yesterday, I have practically done nothing else. It is just so sad and devastating. 2 of my sisters lost friends. A cousin lost a friend. A family friend lost her boss. Some families completely wiped out. One of families was heading to Lag for the brother/son’s wedding this weekend. How would that wedding hold? When d groom lost his sister, her husband, d children and even his mum. A friend’s father usually flies down to Lagos using Dana. He would have been on d flight but stayed back to watch a match. Somehow, you know someone who died.

    I sincerely hope something is done about this industry.

    God help us and heal our land

    • Amen o! But I’m beginning to think it is not prayer we need because if there is a country that prays it is nigeria. Maybe it is time to act and stop expecting God to come down from heaven to stop us from falling into the gutter, when we can open our eyes and walk away from it… If you get my drift

      • I get your drift. That’s what have been telling people. God won’t come from heaven to do anything, He is going to work through you and me. We have a part to play in all of these. Pray yes and that I would always do, but faith without works?

  4. Like you, Nigeria frustrates me
    Greed and corruption has become part of the society and the repercussio*ns are dire

  5. What is wrong with people? I just don’t get it. Spreading death news that aren’t even true. Sickos. I had to tell a contact on my bbm to remove a her dp of a young man when i saw on twitter that he just works for Dana and wasn’t dead.

    Nigeria just makes me smh and sigh

  6. This is infuriating. But there is hope, and something can be done. In fact, plenty can be done. Just a handful of passionate Nigerians and we’ll have the second Martin Luther King(s) in Nigeria. It starts with you and I. But then again there is fear among we youths because we know our government is brutal…and we have seen what they can do 😦

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