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I started out with the aim of writing a blog but I can’t really think of anything to blog about, just bits and bobs of things on my mind…


My flat mate calls me a tv whore because I she believes I watch anything on tv

Speaking of tv shows, I started watching this new series called Battle of the Brides on Sky Living and I think it is very unfair to bring two very different brides together and lure them with £25,000 to make them have a similar wedding. So each of them come with very different ideas of what they want for their wedding and they both have to compromise or pick one persons idea or walk away with no wedding. *sigh* In as much as I know it is the marriage and not the wedding that matters.. it is simply unfair.. I mean.. *sigh* you need to watch the show to understand my pain.

Speaking of weddings, someone shared this picture on a blackberry group and it just made me think about a lot! I mean, it has made me grateful for privilege and has once again reminded me not to take things for granted. So many things I see as a ‘given’, nothing is a given!

Estate agents really annoy me! They are so unaccountable and my current estate agent is really doing my head in. As in, I am contemplating if I have the will power to take them to court! They have no sense of customer service at all! They were meant to give us 50% the service fees when we moved in because they wrote a letter to me saying they will give me 50% off. I showed the letter to the lady I was paying to, she said she has never heard of it before and we should pay now and she will get back to us after she has spoken to someone else to sort out the 50% off. Did she ever call us back? No, this was over a year and a half ago. Now we have given our notice to say we are moving out and guess what? They have sent us a letter to say if we find out next property with them they will give us 50% off! This people are not serious… they will be hearing from me.

The other thing they do is they keep coming to the flat without tell us! I am sure I told you guys about the day I walked into my bathroom to find a screwdriver waiting for me there! As in seriously! Not only did they not tell us there were coming, they forgot their tools, or left a mess behind. I will leave the house with a broke oven and come back to see it has been fixed miraculously. Well thank you for fixing my oven but you have no right to come into my property without giving me 24 hours notice. The last stint they pulled,  the came to the flat and walked into my flat mate’s room while she was asleep! I sent them an email to tell them it was not on at all and even referred them to the legislation (the law) that said they had to give us 24 hours notice before they come to the flat. The lady replied to say she sent an email to my flat mate.

For starters, my flat mate was not at work so when she sent that email she will have received an out of office email saying she was not in the office. Did she think to call her or email her or call me or email me? NO! In her mind, she telling my flat mate she was coming was sufficient. The law says to ‘ask’ and not tell and we have the right to say no! Not like we will say no or anything but they should ask! So I then reply her to say she sent the email to my flat mate and she got my flat mate’s out of office reply, so obviously she did not get it or read it so why did she not send it to me as well and in fact why did she not include me in the first place, after all I also signed the contract. Did she reply NO?

They really do my head in! They have to be accountable in some way… if anyone knows how I can make them pay, let me know!

I guess I should have called this blog a rant about my estate agent after all.. oh well. Hope you are all well!


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11 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. I remember an issue I had with Virgin once. I wanted to leave their service and they said I can’t and I have to keep paying and blah blah blah..
    I simply told them I was an international and I was leaving the UK in 3 days, and if they liked they shouldn’t come and collect their things. See how tone changed eh.. Needless to say, I packed all their equipment and left the house with them. They don’t threaten customers and get away with it 🙂
    I won’t give you advice for this, cos it will most likely be bad. But then… Kpele 🙂
    As for privileges given, all I have to say is this

    • on said:

      Lool! Cheeky!

      Seriously people get away with murder these days! Customer service is zilch! I keep imagining treating my clients like that!

  2. I saw the pic on bbm too and wasn’t sure whether to be sad and cry for the babe or to laugh.
    As for Customer Service anywhere in the world, I don’t even bother expecting something any longer. You can imagine turning off the heater where I stay without informing anybody. Then a flatmate goes to complain. They send a mail days after “explaining” the decision to turn it off (2 weeks after the turned it off). To think I paid for heating as part of my bills. Now I just bone. Customer Service anywhere is no existent.

  3. Pele, you sound really pissed.

  4. Hmm I feel your pain o. I called my phone company to complain about several ailments my phone was (and still is) suffering from. They told me to “turn if off and and turn it back on.” So that’s what I do now…in fact, levels have changed. I now take the battery off and blow air on it. I’m ditching them as soon as “I arrive.” Lol 😀

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