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Nightmares and fish

Let’s start with nightmares..

So.. I have been having nightmares since the plane crash.. I have had 2 in particular.

The first one was this..

I was going on holiday and obviously, I had to go by a plane. I was so nervous and basically I didn’t want to go on the plane, but I didn’t really have a choice. Anyway I get on the plane and I was a nervous wreck. Trying to force myself to sleep so even if the plane crashes hopefully, I won’t feel it. The turbulence were tortures.. and luckily I woke up..

Second dream is this…

This time I was in Nigeria. I once again had to get on a plane to go somewhere. Not sure where. Once again, a nervous wreck, I go on the plane and I was waiting for it to take off.. after all, the sooner it takes off the sooner it’ll land. But it did not take off. It kept moving on land. Then I looked out and noticed that were on the main road. I asked why we were not flying and I can’t remember why were not flying. All I know is I was pleased we were not flying….. and then I woke up

I know they are not exactly what you will call nightmares, but I have never had issues flying on a plane before. Plus this is two dreams in one week… I also like the way the plane in Nigeria did not take off and stayed on the ground.

Now, Fish.

I went for my dress fitting and my dress was snug – as in, it fit so well that even a piece of paper cannot come between me and the dress. LOL a sly way of saying I need to lose a bit of weight just so I can breathe. I am very crappy at diets. I just don’t do them. I was once a size 14 and one day I found myself a size 10. I thank God but I promise I didn’t go to the gym and I did not diet. Long story short, the lady at the bridal shop says I need to be disciplined and go on a diet. So on my way home that day, I was craving Sushi, I dropped by Yo Sushi and bought teriyaki chicken and rice and a sushi pack to go. Got home and made some jollof rice and chicken. This is the person they told to diet o! Basically, when you say diet, I eat more! My brain just works that way..

So this evening, I decided to be good and consciously think about what I was going to have for dinner. And this combo came up. Please see a picture I took below. I just bought some fish, broccoli, avocado and carrots and chopped some peppers and just threw healthy things together and roasted it. The plate looks sparse but what is missing is carbs! I am not promising I will eat like this everyday, but I will try.

Why does healthy food cost so much and then they wonder why people are fat? A Macdonalds meal would have cost me way less than this dinner did.. *Sigh* it was yum though.




…an empty plate says a lot!

xo xo

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13 thoughts on “Nightmares and fish

  1. My dear, be at peace. No evil would befall you.
    Now back to the food and fish ish… Like I said, when such temptations come, buy ehn and dhl to me. You really should lose weight. And so good food doesn’t go to waste, you can send to me. Would eat it for you. Lools

  2. Onah on said:

    About the dreams…just pray about it. It might be God trying to speak to you or it might just be cos of the plane crash that happened. I tend to dream about things I think about. Don’t worry about it..just pray eh?

    LOL @ the amount of food on your plate. It’s so tinyyyy!! If I had that, I’d be hungry in 30 minutes. lol. and yes, healthy eating is sooo expensive!! I was saying the same thing some days ago..It cost soo much money!

    Last year, I cut down the amount of carbs in my diet and kept working out and I saw a difference. It’s definitely going to be worth it! You can do this! lol.

    • I should – I’ll pray about it.

      I’m trying to reduce the carbs too. The plate was not full but I didn’t feel hungry till I woke up sha. Lol let’s see how it goes. I have another fitting in two weeks. I hope its good news lol thanks hun. Xx

  3. So…
    Good luck staying away from yummy fried food and lovely, energy-giving fizzy drinks and lotsa carbs that can be yummily fried with veggies and washed down with cold fizzy drinks…
    Really, you have my full support!

    • on said:

      Lol! That sounds like anything but support. You made my mouth water for foods I can’t yet indulge in fully till after the wedding. Thanks for your ‘support’ lol

  4. I see you left out eating cake tha very same morning but who am I to judge???? 🙂

  5. This fish is tempting oh…
    As per the dreams, I still haven’t gotten over the air crash oh. My mum has been on my case not to travel since the incident ….yet work dictates that I have to travel. Don’t know how much longer I can stall my trip. God will continually keep and shield us.

    • Amen o. I say to myself that it is the devils way of instilling fear in us. Sebi plane landed on some people.. They were not in the plane and died.. God is our protection o.

  6. You must have an obedient stomach. The fish looks amazing too! Do you cook a lot, as in, on a very good day you stock up your refrigerator? The last time I was petite was when I lived in the dorms…I was actually skinny contrary to what everyone said about freshman 15lbs. Once I started making my own meals, I tasted the whole soup before I dished myself, lol! My head tells me to eat less sometimes but my stomach just won’t have it. Maybe I need to be mean sometimes.

    • Lol well I don’t really stock up for me. I’ll have rodo and tatashe and tomatoes… Rice and the basics but I tend to buy as I need. That ofcourse will have to change now! Lol. As for tasting it all before the food is ready hmmm… Maybe tese yourself with the food and remind urself you’ll enjoy it better served in a plate

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