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Who far will you go to have the perfect wedding?

Source: Sky news

Steal money?

Better still, steal £168,000?

Steal £168,000 from your work?

Steal £168,000 from work and invite your boss to the wedding?

Steal £168,000 and invite your boss to your extravagant wedding when all along you were moaning about how poor you were?

Well, this lovely lady did just that. She stole £168,000 and threw and extravagant wedding. She bought black matching Ugg boots for her bridesmaids. She bought her bridesmaids dresses courtesy of the company she worked for and an ipod case for £1,5000. Seriously?

Basically, she abused her position as a part-time accounts clerk and diverted unpaid invoices payments to her own accounts. Her boss got suspicious when her got to the wedding and obviously everything looked lavished which didn’t seem right as she was always claiming poverty. She has amongst other things the following:

:: A harpist

:: Balloon modelling

:: Canapés and Buck’s Fizz

:: A swing singer

:: A free bar

:: A saxophonist

:: Face painting

:: Feather masks

:: A Motown-style band

:: A magician

:: A DJ

:: Jewel encrusted iPods for bridesmaids

:: The couple’s initials illuminated in fireworks

:: One white limo for the couple

:: Matching black Ugg boots for bride and bridesmaids

I fear this babe. LOL £168,000? Seriously?! As in… lol I can’t even say anymore.. All I know is with £168,000, the list above won’t be the highlight… in fact, definite destination wedding.. £168,000!

Needless to say, she was caught and was stopped from travelling to Mexico for her honeymoon (once again, £168,000 and it is Mexico you are honeymooning??). She has been sentenced to 20 months in prison.

For more on this click here.

Word from the wise: cut your coat according to your size.

Thank you.


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3 thoughts on “Who far will you go to have the perfect wedding?

  1. She obviously needed to have a lavish wedding because she was insecure about herself.
    That said, a lot of Naija peeps enter into debt to finance lavish weddings
    It’s all a case of one-up-man ship all the time

  2. lol mehnn… abi o.. but her fellow people do long engagements just so they can save up enough for the wedding..

  3. Na wa o. As in NA WA! And then she invited her boss. #howdim. Smh…

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