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Do you ever just want to gaze?

Hi all!

I know I have been quiet for a while.

I will bring you up to speed quickly and then we can focus on my blog for today.

I passed my exams! Found out about 3 weeks ago – I have been so busy and did not have time to blog. However, those of you on my blackberry, Facebook and twitter heard my shout for praise! So finally blogsville, I am exam free. Praise be to God. Thank you for all your supporting and encouraging words, they made a difference. I am now exam qualified, and once I apply for members and pay my membership fees, I can officially put CTA behind my name and for ICAS, I need to complete my working hours, write and ethical essay by the end of August and pay my membership fee before I can use the title CA behind my name.

Now back to gazing…

The wedding is fast approaching and as you can imagine I still have plenty to do before we go to Nigeria. We finally found somewhere to live so that is great and out of the list of to-dos. However, I am so thrilled I am Yoruba and not from one of those cultures that have events on more than 2 days for marriage. I used to secretly wish the wedding will span over two days, but mehn, the pocket is feeling it bad! All the outfits and the painful ordeal of finding matching shoes and bag in this London. I love to shop but this one is more stress than fun. I don’t know who sent me to pick silly colours! Now i am having to find a pair of green or yellow hot pair of heels for humongous size 8 feet at a reasonable price…. is this feasible? Time will tell. Then I need 2 other pairs of shoes and bags in additional to the one I have bought already.

The bridesmaids dresses finally arrived – woowee… just that majority of them need serious alterations so that they fit. The bridal shop decides to charge us £50 per dress. It’s like really? That is nearly half the cost of the dress. Luckily, my aunt intervened and the price has gone down, albeit still slightly overpriced.

I tried to cancel my gym membership as I am moving away, only to get a reply reminding me that my gym contract is a minimum of 12 months and I need to give them 3 MONTHS NOTICE and I need to move at least 20 miles away before I can cancel my membership! When I find myself in situations like this, my angry thoughts just immediately go to hell is heating up for some people *God forgive me* It just really boils my blood. They know people like me don’t read the small prints. So I am tied into that contract as I am only moving 16 miles away. How silly is it to drive 16 miles to go to a gym in a different town! Anyway, they should eat that money they are earing for me, but it won’t go towards anything worthwhile.. awuf money dey run belle..

Next is moving to this new house… *sigh* I will need to move in the next couple of weeks. I  haven’t even packed anything, where do I start from? CDs, DVDs, Clothes? Shoes? I need to pack for Nigeria too, need another suitcase. Or do I start with my pots and pans, or my baking things.. where do I start? I probably need to buy those brown boxes from yellow. Oh and I will need to get professional cleaners in to clean the flat… *sigh* Lord help me..

What am I going to do to my hair? I have no idea! I have no idea who is doing my wedding hair and it is in about 4 weeks! What a joke? Some one recommended this lady, I asked her to please send me photos of what she has done, she said her laptop is broken so she can’t send me pictures. So what am i suppose to do? That was 4 weeks ago, nothing from her. At this rate, maybe I will do bob marley on my hair and pack it in a nice ‘suku’ and walk down the aisle..

What else?… erm…ohhh how can I forget, ANKARA pushing!

When I was told having friends wear the same material will be a hassle, I thought I could hack it and it wouldn’t be as bad. Anyway, it has been a chore remotely managing selling and distributing the ankara we are using for the engagement. Luckily, two of my friends are helping me distribute it. I am so grateful for their help as they both have demanding  jobs.  They have spent some weekends waiting for people who say they will come and collect their material to come and sometimes they don’t *sigh*. I have had bbm rants about this and it is slowly moving but of date at least 20 people have theirs.. hopefully the rest will move soon enough. If I were to get married again, no aso and less than 10 bridesmaids!

So these are the reasons why  I just want to gaze and do nothing. I wish I could just stare into space and everything will be done and then on the wedding day, I snap out of it and dance!

That’s all for now friends!

I hope to blog again before the wedding, time permitting!


Glossary: awuf = free things; aso = clothe, in this context, material; suku – packing your hair in a not very pleasant way (well sometimes it looks nice)… for the rest, ask!

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14 thoughts on “Do you ever just want to gaze?

  1. Congratulations on your exams, I wish u d very best in your career, and as for d gym they can like 2 chop awuf money, it will definitely run their belle, and I’m sure the wedding is going 2 go smoothly and fine 🙂 xx

  2. Pele. It will soon be over

  3. *sigh*
    It just seems so sad that preparations for the wedding can distract from such a joyful occasion. Please take it easy. You really dont want to fall ill with stress,

    PS – Congrats on passing. Big well done

    • Thank you! 😀

      Yes o stressss! Looking forward to the day and the marriage butall the days that lead up to it not so much! Lol.

      My friend jst reminded me that if I stress I’ll have pimples on my wedding day! Lol scary thought. Definitely don’t want that!

  4. You surely do have an amazing life, lol! 3 Months Notice?! I thought London was free from these parasite-like contracts! On a side note, pardon my ignorance, but what does CTA and ICAS stand for? And it seems like everything over there is screaming “membership”, “membership fees”, lol 😀

  5. Wow, so much going on. Congrats on passing your exam.

  6. Congrats on your exams and your forthcoming wedding. I wish you so much more bliss than you can ever imagine.

  7. Congratulations!
    I trust you nah…you are very intelligent 😀
    Congratulations again on your wedding…wish you a blissful marriage 😀

  8. Oh no I didn’t.

    Congratulations dear.. Waiting to hear wedding updates

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