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Did I hear you say..


Well if you didn’t say that, I am saying it. Holiday soon.. in less than 3 weeks! Woohooo…. probably going to be the most amazing holiday as I get married and go on my honeymoon during this particular holiday….. hmmmmm

**** UPDATES****

So how are you? If you ask me how I am, I couldn’t really answer you…

However, what I know is this, I went for another dress fitting and my dress fit without too much oh ahh… *yay me!* However………….. the jacket for my dress finally arrived and I tried it on for the first time and guess what? It was too small! They ordered a size too small. Less than a month to the wedding and this particular jacket took 7 months to arrive! No ngbatingbati was going to do it. As I was about to explode, the store manager came to whoever was in my firing range’s rescue to say she had a spare jacket, a size 14 so they could adjust it to my size. Let’s just say she saved the day. Phew! Now I have yet another fitting next week and hopefully I get to take my dress this time around!

Finally bought all the bridesmaids shoes bar 1. Please if you come across any silver or pewter size 9 shoes, hit me up.. time is money guys so any help will be accepted and I say thank you in advance. Please refrain from commenting on the shoe size but feel free to kindly assist in the search. Many thanks!

After calling 3  hairstylist in Nigeria to try to find one to make my hair for the wedding, I have finally found a man to do it for me. God knows that Nigerians are opportunists sha. See how this woman quoted me N65,000 to fix weaveon including the weaveon. She won tiff am! Na wa o… N65,000, she should go and sit down somewhere. I don’t blame her. It is because she could tell from my number that I don’t live in Nigeria. They didn’t have to tell me twice to start blocking my number and speaking in my naturally given african accent. The fact someone does not live in Nigeria does not mean they have no value for money or that they are millionaires or have spare money to waste… hian!

Sidenote: Today is pretty lashes graduation – congratulations honey!!

I am so excited I get to see majority of my family members, including the extended family at the wedding. I hope I will get some time to hang out with them before the D days.

So my bridal shower is happening… SOON! Not sure when, but I am being very suspicious.. hmmmm so excited! I can’t wait to see all my lady friends, sit, eat play games and gossip! Whenever it happens, I sha know it will before I go to Nigeria and my Chief Bride’s Maid (CBM) and my bridesmaids are fabulous.. so I have no doubt it will be fun!

Packing Packing Packing… hmm I have packed a few boxes to move out of this house, and on the side packing for Nigeria as well… hmmm looking forward to unpack in the new house.. hmmmm… so post wedding.. I shall be living with a man… still hasn’t sunk in! Pretty lashes keeps teasing me.. but that is her own wahala.

People keep asking me how I am feeling about the wedding, do I have the wedding jitters? One of my cousins (older guy) goes as far as  reminding me on whatsapp everyday that it isn’t too late to change my mind! LOL. Let’s just say, I don’t know how I feel yet. Too many things clouding my thoughts at the moment. I think when I am walking down the aisle it will sink in LOL.

It’s Wednesday… 2 more days and it will be the weekend!

Hope to blog again soon.. but till then.. xxxxxxxxxx

PS: Very soon, this whole wedding talk will stop.. enjoy it while it lasts… even I look forward to having non wedding related conversations again!

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12 thoughts on “Did I hear you say..

  1. Shes having the wedding blues oo. Lol

  2. Willow on said:

    Congrats once again.Please take it easy with the packing and other stressful stuff so you don’t wear yourself out ( delegate where you can). Remember our weather here is quite different from UK weather so give yourself adequate time to get to Nigeria and adjust to it.Ku ipalemo and Olorun a mu ojo roo!

  3. yettie on said:

    You won’t just be living with “a man”,u wld be living wiv ur darling husband! Enjoy d wedding paparazi my dear,ts a once in a lifetime experience. Counting down to the wedding.

    It was when i decided to do my blog runs, this morning before doing anything else, i realized you were not on my list! Had to goggle it out..what happened, i dunno.
    So, my rant is over…………ahahha.
    ku ipalemo ooooo. So happy for you. Wish you the best and happiest time of your life.
    WAIT! let me first talk about the hairstylist…65k to fix hair??..make i first laugh in Esan…..wetin??? When you get to 9ja, then you can call, you will find it cheaper…as low as 15k for home service and make up sef.
    Yes! you are starting a new home with the man you love.
    Ha! the jacket situation was resolved.
    Would like to see your pics …am so subscribing to your blog, incase blogger decided to repeat the abracadaba again! 😀
    I wish you safe journey home,
    A happy wedding, and
    A blissful marriage.
    GOD in his infinite mercy and Grace will always be with you and your spouse.
    Please, don’t stress yourself out with the packing, you need your beauty rest my Angel{Big sister hug}

  5. YAyyyyyy! congrats once more!
    size 9 … no comment :p
    mehn, hit me up on how u planned the wedding not being in Nigeria, i’m already frustrated with planning mine and I just started.
    65,000naira for hair?hahahaha you did not ask her if its your money she wants to use to build a house in the village.
    I wish you a happy married life dear with LOADDDDS of children…lol

  6. The excitement is palpable! Once again, soooo happy 4 u love 🙂

  7. btw, where’s the sugarmoon gonna be?

  8. sykik on said:

    Congrats……wish you so much marital bliss more than you can ever imagine.

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