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Look what I found?

I was doing a search on facebook this evening when I came across this, I wrote it on the 4th of April 2008. You can see that I have always wanted to be a writer.. lol I am just too impatient to hone the skills I need. I had written this and sent it to my good friend, ‘Owo’, to read and give me feedback as I was bent on writing a book on my experience in the UK. LOL I did not write more than this chapter 1!

After reading this, it cracked me up, because the names are not real, however, it is based on a real life situation of my first day in my A level’s college:

Chapter 1

It is 9:45am on a cold winter morning, still trying to get used to the idea of snow falling and making the floor slippery. I had about 4 near death experiences just trying to get to school in one piece. Anyways here I am in my maths class; as usual I am the first student here.

I have been in Watts College for a week now and still I have no friends. It is kind of weird as I am not used to being a loner. I blame it on the fact I missed the first week of school because I had to go back to Nigeria to get my student visa. Am back to London now, but everyone has already made their little cliques. Oh well, I am better off myself anyway, who needs friends when I have my Maths P1 text-book to love?

As I stood there feeling sorry for myself, the teacher finally opened the class room doors with her usual smiley face. “Hi Miss Fenton” I said as I took my seat thinking if I said that back home in Nigeria, I would have probably received a resounding slap on my cheeks. I can remember in high school, when a teacher came into the class, some one shouts out “class greet” and then we all stand to our feet and chorus “Good mornnning Mrs …”. They hated it when we dragged the ‘morning’, but I bet they’d rather we do that than say ‘Hi’. They saw saying hello and hi as very disrespectful. I hear Ms Fenton calling out the register, “Adam Cook, Byrd Crown …”she usually hesitates before trying to call me name. I find it really funny. Here comes the hesitation. “…iya..”? “Present” I said before she says something she does not mean. The classroom roars with laughter. “Do you have a shorter name I can call you?”I smiled and reply “yes I do” I thought for a while for a name I have been longing to be called that I could make everyone in my new school call me and it came to me. “You can call me Halle.” Yes I did it. Apart from the fact I look nothing like Halle Berry and I am not exactly a huge fan, I just like the look of “she is joking right” on Peoples face when I tell them my name is Halle Berry. I will leave the berry out this time round. I looked over at Miss Fenton, she seems to have bought my little joke. Poor lady, anything to get out of the tongue twister she has to deal with every lesson.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Nigerian name, but it gets annoying when you start hearing different versions of your name everywhere. A few minutes before the lesson was to end, the class room door burst open. “Sorry I am late miss” the cutest guy in the college in my opinion said as he scrabbled for his seat. His name is Foye. He is Nigerian, about 6’5 tall with an athletic body I could go on but I’ll stop. I watched as he sat next to his friends and brought out his books. From where I was sitting, I could see his books still looked crisp, unlike mine, all worn out from late night studying with a goal to get 3 A’s at the end of the two years. With that in mind, I turned my attention back to teacher as she finished the class. I made a lunch date with the girl I sat next to, Kaydee, who I had small conversation with during the lesson and rushed off to my next class.

For my 1st year in college, I signed up for mathematics, physics, chemistry and economics. I was not quite sure if I wanted to go into science or business yet, hence the mix. My next class was physics and guess who sat next to me? Foye!


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13 thoughts on “Look what I found?

  1. Awwwww I’m giggling her! Lol! Too cute. Do u know where Foye is now? Men, time flies o. That was what? 4/5 years ago? We thank God for our lives. Ok bye! 😝

  2. Loools. That name thing ehn…. At some point my name became Deborah. My flatmates and classmates just couldn’t pronounce it properly so it became Debbie or Debo or Deborah. I gave up trying to correct and jejely just accepted it

    • lol abi.. it gets funny. i think the worst is when someone writes me a cheque as damilola instead of oluwadamilola and the bank is telling me that is not my name… i nearly go mad! will you tell rob that robert is not his name? lol

  3. Wow! interesting.I laughed at the name part.
    You are good…so hone your skills.
    So you turned out to do science instead of business.

  4. sykik on said:

    lol……you’ve been a good writer tey tey oh…..

  5. The story needs to be finished na. what happened?
    Nice one all the same.

  6. as in…i was reading the story and i felt bad it had to stop there…y naaww
    ure a nice storyteller..good one babes

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