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To the moon and back!

It’s been a long minute!

How is everyone doing!

So much has happened… I will try to summarise it all in this post.

So we are officially married.. Woohoo… 2 weeks now.. gosh time flies!

The wedding was amazing, special thanks to God, our parents, family, friends and well wishers. We truly appreciate you all! I can’t think of one thing I would change or anything that stressed me out!

The bridesmaids looked beautiful despite the ohh haa with their dresses, they all sorted their dresses out nicely. Once again thank you my lovely friends… you guys rock!

The venue was amazing! I mean.. my parents really did good. In fact, they need to start their out wedding planning business. Obviously.. I can’t speak from the point of view of the guests, but from the little I have heard people had fun so this I am grateful for again!

My dress was amazing! Well I think it was. Everything held together nicely. Obviously I’ll show you pictures.. not a lot though.. so enjoy…

This is the dress with my ‘jacket’ for church..


The second picture is of me dancing into the reception venue… and my dress transformed…

*removed… you snooze, you loose ;)*


It all happened so quickly. It was good to see a lot of old friends as well! Gosh.. lol I can truly say it was the happiest day of my life. We danced and danced and danced! LOL and of course special shout out to misstizzle, thanks for coming, it was good to see you! MWAH!

So the wedding was pretty much eventless .i.e. nothing too dramatic happened. It was pretty much party after engagement, party after wedding and party after prayers on sunday then back to London on Monday. Quite hectic, but God gave us strength.

We left for our honeymoon on the Tuesday.. destinations.. Barbados, Orlando, Miami.

Barbados was so beautiful! We stayed in this hotel on one of the beaches on the west coast… blueish green clear waters… I could actually see the bottom of the sea! Very exciting… even I that can’t swim very well, the fact my feet could touch the ground and I could see what was going on at the bottom of the sea kept me in the sea for as long as possible!

We were only there for 3 days so we had to pack so much into it which made it even more fun! I finally got to do the water sports I had been craving for (not without a life jacket of course!). We went on tubes attached to a speedboat, holding on for my dear life so the tube doesn’t tip over! It was fun! We kayaked, went sailing (one of the water sport guys took us sailing) we went so far away from shore that at some point I was like when are we turning back! It was fun.. really fun and the bajan’s are so friendly and have a great sense of humour. They kept pulling my legs.. but I soon began to understand their jokes. We went snorkelling as well! That was hilarious.. because I can’t swim well and mostly limit my adventures in water to where my feet can touch the floor. But on this occasion, to see the sea turtles and fishes, we had to go to the deep. Obviously I had a life jacket and stayed as close to the boat as I could and I saw schools of fishes and 2 sea turtles and ran back up the boat! LOL it was fun though and at least I can tick that off my list of to dos!

That was basically Barbados in a nut shell.. only down side though was food was sooo expensive, what am I even saying, not just food, everything was expensive.. but it was truly relaxing. We will definitely go back again.

Next stop was Miami.. where we drove to Orlando from. Orlando was great as well. Weather wasn’t so good, but we soon realised that if we left the house early and went to the theme parks early do all we needed to do and get back home by 2 for lunch, we will get the best weather as it started to rain at about 2pm daily! Bizarre, I know. We went to universal studios, island of adventures and wet and wild, one theme park a day and the other 4 days we just chilled and shopped. That was also some what relaxing but by this time, I was already black  tanned! Geez… sun and my skin don’t mix good! From the Naija sun to the Bajan sun to the south florida sun.. I was as black as anything. My pictures don’t look good man. Don’t think any will make it to Facebook! LOL but the memories will surely live in my heart!

Towards the end of our stay in Orlando, the news kept on going on and on about Storm Isaac. I don’t know if you guys heard about it. They kept on going on and on about how the storm is coming to south florida, it could turn into a hurricane or a tornado, we should be on the look out. At that point, I was thinking, well we are leaving soon for Miami, we have nothing to worry about. I totally forgot that Miami was more south of Florida and a lot closer to the sea than Orlando. When we got to Miami…. the tv channels talked about nothing else!

It was all about the storm, how where we were was under hurricane 1 alert and there was a chance the hurricane was going to come on Sunday afternoon, our flight was sunday morning. I thought to myself, I hope we are out of here before this madness starts. We were only there for 2 days so we just did the whole visiting Ocean drive to see the clubs.. and tourists.. went to south beach but mehn after seeing how clean and clear the beaches in Barbados were, I think it will be really hard for me to swim in any other beach! lol, I gladly walked by it, plus the news about the coming storm and how rough the waves were didn’t encourage me to go in either. Miami was interesting sha… good food..well better options than we had in Barbados.

Back to hurricane.. Saturday night, I decided we should check in online so we could just waltz into the airport on sunday morning and go back home. ALAS… our flight to Barbados had been cancelled (we were to connect for a flight back to london in Barbados). So the panic begins inside me. I was like chai… wetin be this. So DT tried to call american airlines (AA) to find us alternatives to leave Miami as we were flying with them and then I tried to call virgin atlantic (Virgin) to let them know we can’t make it to Barbados for our flight because we were flying out of Barbados with virgin atlantic.

AA didn’t pick up their phone after 1.5hours, we gave up on them. Virgin were really helpful. They told us what our options were and we decided we will call them back when we had a clearer idea of what AA could do for us. Nice and early as 5am, we got hope and left the hotel for the airport (the hotel is story for another day!). The airport was already filled with people trying to leave Miami before the storm or hurricane arrived or whatever they called it.

We finally got to the front of the cancellations queue after over an hour and they gave us options of where they could fly us to. The first 2 options were hilarious, Jamaica and New Orleans.. I mean.. the hurricane was coming from the direction of Jamaica and going towards New Orleans and this woman wanted us to go to either of these places.Thank God we had an idea of where we wanted to be, East Coast or North America! We gladly declined and asked to be flown to New York, the lady said we stood a better chance of getting a seat on a flight to Boston and Boston is only about 2.5 hours drive from New York. We called Virgin Atlantic and they were able to put us on a flight from New York for Monday night so we accepted it and paid the fare difference. We accepted the standby to Boston as well.

One bridge crossed, we stood a chance of leaving Miami as long as out plane left before noon. We were scheduled to leave at 11:05am. What could go wrong?

So we sat at the gate of the plane, told the staff we were on stand by, they told us we were numbers 8 and 9. So they started boarding the plane and calling people on stand by.. and just when we thought we wouldn’t make it on the plane, we were called! *phew* We made it. So, we sat down, thank God for getting us on the plane ( I forgot to add we kept praying through this all for favour etc). Then the plane started to taxi and just as it was about to take off, the pilot makes an announcement. He said there was an engine light flashing or something wrong with the engine so he is going to have to turn the plane back and get the mechanics to fix it before we can leave Miami.

This was like what, we were already 30 minutes late or so. We got back to the terminal, the mechanics started fixing the engine for what felt like forever. Meanwhile, the winds were getting stronger and the plane was shaking on the ground. I started wondering whether it was even safe for the plane to take off in this weather. In my seat I quietly started praying that God will make the weather conditions safe for us to fly and that they wouldn’t say that since it is past the 12 noon deadline for flights to leave the airport that we couldn’t fly again.

Eventually, we heard the announcement that the mechanic had fixed the problem. However, the pilot now had to leave the plane to go and file some paper work concerning the engine problem. He said we shouldn’t worry, he will be back. That took another 30 minutes or so. Eventually, he returned and said we can finally leave for boston. At this time, the wind was getting stronger, he warned us that it would be a very bumpy flight for about an hour but once we are out of florida it should be a lot smoother. Mehn, that did not prepare us for how bumpy that ride was. The plane kept going up and dan, side to side… my mind went everywhere… but I know that I was praying for nearly 2 hours. Speaking in tongues, singing.. etc everything! Asking for forgiveness of my sins! LOL it wasn’t funny o! I felt like I was in a movie.

When we eventually landed in Boston… people on the plane started clapping! Bear in mind that they were majority oyinbo people, so not your typical Nigerians on the plane. I started clapping o. LOL in fact if I wasn’t married, I would have hugged the pilot on my way out of the plane. He did a good job mehn. He should add that to his CV.

I was too pleased to be out of Miami that I didn’t even mind extending our holiday by a day and travelling to New York to get our flight out to London the next night. However, my darling had the best idea! We decided to go to Virgin desk at Boston airport to find out if they had seats on their flights to London that night. As God would have it, they had 2 seats in the same class we booked our original tickets plus the guy that got us flights from new york had not yet taken the money off the credit card, so the Virgin agents in Boston who were extremely helpful were just able to use the same money to change our flights to leave from Boston that night instead.

So that my friends is how we made it back to London on time! As God we have it, we got to Heathrow in time to see my parents leave London for Nigeria. So we had a mini reunion at the airport for about an hour and a bit before we all went back home.

I just want to thank the Almighty God for showing himself strong through the wedding and honeymoon… especially getting us out of Miami on time and making everything work together for our good!

It’s been a thrilling 22 days! 10 in Nigeria and the lest on honeymoon!

Now back to reality… time to unpack and get ready for work… *sigh* luckily I have an extra day of holiday.. plus.. I still have that essay to write for ICAS with the deadline on the 31st of August! Geez.. wish me luck!!

Love you all!!!


Mrs Angel 😉

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34 thoughts on “To the moon and back!

  1. I don’t know where to start from. Let me congratulate you on your marriage first: Happy Married Life! 🙂

    Now to the real stuff. I seriously don’t know where to start laughing from. The Jamaica and New Orleans issue…or the bumpy ride issue! Lol your descriptions were very vivid…I’m sitting here in the Library laughing like a hyena! Hahahaha speaking in tongues…girl you didn’t even form akata at all! It sounds like you had an H-amazing time with your hubby and your family. Nice story telling, lol 😀

  2. Happy Married life sweetie, the dancing picture is classic 🙂

    Storm Isaac is still in the news as I write, it hasn’t hit yet and may yet turn to hurricane. I’m glad you guys got out of it with not too much wahala.

    All the best to you two on everything, may your marriage bring you more blessings in life as a whole. Amen.

  3. Congratulations again.

    What an eventful past couple of days. I love the wedding pictures. You look so happy and beautiful in your wedding dresses. I wish you’d put up a picture of you and DT.

  4. YAY! congratulations!
    Oh my! you look gorgeous! Just look at that dress….stunning! I admire your figure……you are beautiful 😀
    Who wan try your dancing? 😀
    Like oliver twist, i am waiting for more fotos to upload ooo.

    Wish you a very happy and blissful married life..GOD be with both of you.

    Yes, i heard about Isaac storm…was surprised it diverted to new orleans…we thought it was florida…that is the wonder of nature, you say?
    Happy that it eventually went well with your honeymoon.
    Take care, greetings to your hubby oo. 🙂

  5. Congratulations! All the best with everything.
    You definitely had an eventful time.
    I love your dress!

  6. hei Mrs Angel…congrats on your wedding dearie, the dress looks very good on you and I wish you nothing but the very best in married life!

    I thank God for your life and that of your sweet husband o! cos, the experience you shared with the storm and all that looks very scary…
    I wish you a very blessed and happy married life and all the best with the ICAS essay, best wishes!

  7. wishin u luck
    and most of all, happy married life ooo babes..wishing u d best in life

  8. Congratulations on Your wedding, it was really superb and fun, I wish you and DT the the best in your marriage, and thank God Journey mercies even though the flight to Boston sounded funny

  9. mstizzle on said:

    Please I would like to say that this girl is the CALMEST BRIDE I HAVE EVER SEEN!! I honestly cannot describe it. Like there was this aura around her. All I saw her ask for was a bottle of water. In fact she didn’t ask for it, one of the brides maids offered her. I had to exclaim at some point, “you are so calm!” All she did was smile and dance and dance and dance! It was a beautiful wedding and a fantastic reunion BUT *insert dramatic pause lol* I did not catch that bouquet. I was shouting, over here, over here, to the left even the MC had to warn me. LOL!

    I had fun at your wedding darling (this is a guest perspective) and you seemed to have had a dream honeymoon!

    Ok I’ve said enough.

    All the best with the essay and work.


    • LMAO! Thanks love! Na God o.. lol We were on cloud 9 on that day!

      You know I tried to throw it towards you, but the bouquet has a mind of its own. Tip for the future… try standing in the middle or towards the back.. for some reason the bouquet tends to be caught by people in those strategic positions.

  10. more pictures pleaseeeeeeeee

    oh my! i don’t envy you at all about the plane ish. I would have almost collapsed! I think far and wide and easily get terrified which isn’t good for a christian 😦

    Awwww congrats dear! i’m so happpy for you! come and give me pointers abeg joh, wedding planning no be beans at all. I have 9 months to go and i’m already frustrated 😦

    pleaseeeee post a pic of DT and yourself!

    • lol thanks love.. no wahala.. if you have any questions feel very very free to ask and i will answer to the best of my knowledge 😉 It all ends up fine at the end, try not to stress and take one thing at a time. It will be worth it at the end.

  11. You are bacccccccckkk!!! I’ve been coming back to your blog looking for updates! So glad you are back! lol…
    I haven’t read this post was too excited..I had to comment
    I’d go and read it now 🙂

  12. Awww…”Mrs.” Angel..glad you had a great time!
    Congratulations on your wedding!! x

  13. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww for the girl with the plenty aww’s : )

    Gosh you’re married now *dancing* Congrats and HML dear. I wish you and DT the very, very best. Squeeeeeeze! All the best on your essay, i know you’ll nail it : )

  14. Willow on said:

    Congratulations on your wedding and I wish you a blissful married life.Wow! So much fun and adventure in 3weeks! But you get liver sha when you went ahead and flew despite the weather, I would have barajed anyhow if I was in your shoes. Your wedding dress is stunning and it fitted you beautifully.

    • Awwww thank you so much!!! Mehn… between been stuck in a hurricane and not knowing whether my property will survive and how intense the hurricane will be especially as i have never experienced one and flying in a bumpy plane.. lol knowing that if the plane lands i will be home tomorrow.. high and dry! LOL i definitely picked flying.

  15. Congrats, wish you all the joy, love, peace and everything good you can think of in this new phase of your life. God will bless the fruits of your body and the works of your hands.

    Happy happy happy married life. God bless

  16. Mrs Angel!!!

    I agree with Ms Tizzle you have to be one of the calmest brides I’ve seen.

    especially when we came to greet you just as you were about to dance in..
    all I can say is your poise on that day was admirable.

    Sounds like you had an amazing honey moon…Olorun a seyin l’ore arayin kale… Amin!

    Mehn I had my own fair share of “Isaac” and it was no joke.
    Delta was the only airline willing to fly from MBJ to Florida.
    I was so sceptical.. all I could think about was the Dana Airline crash..
    I just kept saying Father please have mercy…
    Thankful for His Mercy.

    • Awwww thanks honey!!! It is the Lord’s doing 😉 Amin oooo
      oh yea you guys were in Jamaica, I was thinking of you guys. Dana airline has a lot of blame for peoples recent fear of flying/

  17. congratulations ! happy married life

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  19. I dont know how i missed this post Angel. I was like i havent seen an updating on your wedding etc etc. better send me your wedding pics – gotta aww over your wedding dress too na!
    Im so happy everything went wonderfully well. Plus eventful honeymoon etc etc. God’s blessings to you and Mr Angel. the solid foundation you started on will surely see you through. Amen and Amen

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