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Everything and nothing

This post will just be about random things I remember… or things I want to address…

#1 Third mainland bridge repairs during our trip to Nigeria

I didn’t think it would affect me much as I lived on the island and didn’t have a lot of business on the island.. other than the fact that my husband to be (at that point) lived on the island plus we wanted to takeΒ two of my English friends that came to Nigeria for the wedding sight-seeing on the island. The traffic was horrendous. On one occasion, we were taking my friends to Jakande market or chinese market or whatever it is called in Lekki, it took us 3 hours to get there whereas it would only take us an hour to get home or just under. It was such a task. Good luck to those who still need to go through that. I hope they finish the works soon.

#2 Toilet matters

If you are eating, please skip this point, if you read on, do so at your own peril. I am tired of going to the ladies toilet and finding the bowl in a mess. It is disgusting. These same ladies are the ones that will be walking around like babe. If you are too posh to flush the toilet, please be too posh to use the toilet. Save us the unpleasant view of your nonsense! It is not fair! I have been holding this in for years, especially at work! *hian* I thought I escaped this nonsense when I left boarding house, apparently not. Only difference is this time it isn’t on the floor.

#3 How is married life?

People keep asking me how married life is. I keep wondering how to answer other than it is great and I thank God. Two things come to mind now when I think about being married. The first is the fact that when I look at my phone, there aren’t as many text messages to him as I would have sent when we are dating because I will see him at home.. and going back home to him everyday is the most amazing highlight of it all. The second is, I have just been at peace, if I can call it that. I feel so calm. My friend keeps saying I have changed and she thought I would be raving on and on about being married this and that. The fact is I am so happy in my calm state that I don’t even want to ruffle anything. LOL. I am so happy and at peace that I actually forgot my blackberry at home on sunday and didn’t see my messages or use it till 4pm. Even DT was like ‘ki la ri’ (meaning – what are we seeing – meaning.. what is going on here). For someone who is always on her phone bbming one person or the other… I am basically an addict.. but.. i didn’t miss it. The only downside to forgetting my phone was I wasn’t able to say happy birthday to my darling friend, Dedun, on time. SoΒ  my dearest ratus, you know I love you… happy belated birthday.

#4 Sexual equality or just being polite?

I know we women have fought to be seen as equal as men, which so far has been a great achievement, however, this is still not the case everywhere. Anyway this is not the point I am trying to make. My point is this. Some men are not so happy that women want to be treated as equals that they will gladly push you out of their way when trying to get off or on a train or if you are on their way. After all, they wouldn’t think twice to do it to a guy, and we are not equals with them. I have a friend, a guy, who was with his girlfriend and they were about to enter a shop, however, this man was about to come out of the shop. Seeing my friend’s girlfriend, he steps aside to let her go through. Her boyfriend, who is my friend, pushed past and went in before his girlfriend. As we are now equal, the man who stood aside for his girlfriend to go in first was also stepping aside for him to go in first. Some may say what is the big deal… it isn’t a big deal I agree… but it is just been polite. Yes we are equal, but we still like men opening the doors for us, and giving up their seats on a crowded train for us and all of those luxuries we enjoyed when we were not seen as equals… is that too much to ask for?

#5 On the wedding day, I forgot to cover my face with the veil… until I was half way down the aisle, then I discreetly got my dad to cover my face for me. Luckily.. lol DT didn’t look back so he didn’t see me unveiled :D. #phew!

That’s all for now… until next time..


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22 thoughts on “Everything and nothing

  1. I didn’t comment on your honeymoon post because I read it from my phone. So lemme too ask my own. “How is married life?” Lol

    Enjoy this new phase o.

  2. I’m still laughing at the fine babes that are undercover pigs,other peeps are not meant to “see” your business, I tire o! That is how it feels like being married to your God given Soul mate my dear and I pray your love for each other waxes stronger each day….Amen. Errr….that equality thingy, some men will never agree, they will insist you can’t eat your cake and have it, Its all or nothing with them.

  3. island??….what about badagry hold ups?..terrible!
    Oh yes! when in hostel, it was terrible, but in the corporate world again? ok o, dem go dey waka as if dem no dey s*** abi?…ahahaha.
    A relation worked in a hotel in Uk, he complained bitterly about the hostess, that they are dirt! But when they come out looking sleek and polished, you won’t believe the mess they left in the room!
    oh yes o! how is married life iyawo mi?…..happy for you.
    fogot your bb & veil your face?..ahahaha! sign of happiness o jare πŸ™‚
    on equality??…hmmm, i reserve my comment becox i believ you already know my stand.
    Greet your hubby o.

  4. looool How is married life? :p

    Awww reading this post just made me very happy. May God continually keep your marriage in joy and peace in Jesus name Amen!

    lol I didn’t know covering the veil was actually important…I really need to research these things so I don’t turn out to be a half baked bride on my day.

    toilet issue…yuck no further comment

    third mainland bridge…haha i’m glad to be rid of any form of lagos traffic. I live on the island and when I was still working back home (nysc), I worked on the island as well. My sis used to first drop me off before going to her office ( which is on the island as well), we used to leave home 4:25 – 4:30 on mondays no kidding and still get to work late sometimes. Now i leave home 10 minutes before work (and I don’t drive o) and still breeze in before time. I’m blessed!

    LOL we cannot want the benefits of being treated as equals with men and still enjoy the perks of being unequal…I think we should just choose where we wanna be…equal or unequal. As for me, as long as no man comes to do rubbish in my face or to anyone where I am its his cup of tea. I don’t even really like men lol I know it sounds weird, I have loads of female friends and very few male friends. I also attended a female boarding school so maybe that”s why I gel more with babes than guys plus the guys end up asking me out, too much stress. haha also at an early age I got told the whole you’ll get pregnant if you sit beside a guy bullshit so its part of why I just stayed off guys till I got wiser πŸ˜‰

    phew sorry for the long epistle i’m just excited lol I wanna get married too!

    • AWwww I am glad it made you happy and Amen!
      lol it isn’t important, like a must do, it just depends on what you want. THen again, maybe check with the church you are getting married in as some may insist. Some people just wear fascinators on their wedding day but I always wanted a veil!

      lol google is your friend and asked married friends too. Mine helped me a great deal.

      mehn to live 10 mins from work is a luxury! enjoy it o.

      lol it is fine jare… thing with the equality thing is i want equality but i also want them to be polite! to be equal does not mean you shouldnt be polite. LOL then again i have never offered a man my seat!

  5. That ladies room palaver sha … You might think it is just Naija babes, but I have seen it even here in the US. I won’t even gross you out with my college experience, but let’s just say it didn’t end in boarding house.

    Congratulations on getting married!

    That equality thing – I used to think Nigerian men could NEVER be gentlemen. But, I think it depends on the man’s upbringing and personal values. 50-50 is a myth to me. I doubt that women would be truly pleased with 50-50 if they saw it in action.

  6. that #2 is everywhere sha. your #3 is exactly what I wanted to ask you too o, (winks)
    lol @ you forgetting to cover face with the veil…it would have been easier for DT sef, im go just kiss you straight away rather than going through all the hard task of unveiling…lol.
    Best wishes to you once again dear.

  7. 1. Dreading 3rd mainland traffic. Forget staying on the island. There is always one thing or the other to pick or someone to see on the mainland. Just gonna have to free people till November when they should be through.
    2. No comments. Seen a lot of such I can’t even talk.
    3. Yes how is married life? Ntorrrr.
    4. Oh well, different strokes.
    5. Am not planning on using a veil o. Is that right? As in not using one?

    • I think the best idea is if you are going to the mainland, go for the whole day. Go when the bridge is open in your favour and go back home when it is also open in your favour so both ways you go on the bridge. Actually, now that i say it, it doesnt really work in your favour, only works in mainland people’s favour. Good luck! lol

      I am sure it is alright! it should be what you want jere.

  8. I am all for equality, my hands and feet are quite strong thank you. LOL…

    Enjoy your marriage my dear πŸ™‚

  9. You’re having such a wonderful time it seems, lol! I hear you on the equality thing. Sometimes it takes several wrongs to beat the right into the heads of men. Where are the women of steel when you need them? Lol, change is coming. I can feel it…but some people will pay and it won’t be funny at all! πŸ™‚

    • lol but women of steel wont need men to give up their seats for them. lol i still want the best of both worlds jere. I want to be respected and if you ask me, with respect comes a man offering me his seat and opening the door for me to go through.

  10. Thank God for peace….I guess knowing that you are loved and in love is a giddy feeling…..congrats once more . Your joy and peace will never know no end .

  11. I dont know if third mainland trffic can ever be resolved.
    You wont believe some ladies form hygiene over touching the flusher thats why they dont flush …smh at reverse bushness.
    Letting me enter first is not about equality joo. I do it to older ladies why cant a man do it for me. ‘rolls eyes’

    Well, let me join the Bandwagon, how is married life :p?

    • its great!

      Lol if they are so hygienic, why don’t they use their house toilets only and leave the office ones for the unhygienic ones, saving us from the sight of the wrath of their inner bodies! lol

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