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A week ago today

This was meant to be published yesterday… but things came up.. anyways.. here it goes.

A week ago today, I was getting very excited about come dine with me (CDWM). For those who have not been following my blog for a while, come dine with me a show on channel 4 in the UK where channel 4 gives four or five strangers some money to host the other three to dinner. Each person is graded by the other three or four guests on how the dinner party goes. The person with the highest score wins £1,000.

I loved watching this show and I asked a few of my friends from university if they would be interested in doing something similar, as a way to catch up. We try to meet up once a month and rotate who’s house we meet in and the host treats us to a three course meal. There is no price money however in our version. There are eight of us and we started this tradition in December 2010, we have only managed to get through every one of us once this month! It was suppose to be monthly but obviously life happens, people have other commitments, then some of us had exams, some people were on holiday so we skipped a few months as we tried to have one when everyone was around.

Anyway, enough of the preamble. October 5 was meant to be our 8th dinner party, the last one we had before this was in February I think or sometime in the spring. I was so excited about it that I kept singing it in DT’s ears. I was particularly excited because since we got back from our honeymoon, I haven’t really gone out with my friends or done something with my friend’s on a saturday because I have had to wait at home for things we bought for the house or our wedding gifts to be delivered or the repair man to come and fix something. October 5 was the first Saturday that would be free for me to do as I wished. I called it my debut outing and my CDWM friends laughed at this comment.

The day arrived, I did my chores, made sure there was food in the house before I left. I got to my friend’s and she had made this delicious three course meal. I was glad I was there, the company was great and so was the banter. However, I was looking through my blackberry while I was in her house and that was where I saw it…. “RIP Aunty” and the picture of the woman I grew up knowing as my mum’s best friend, the woman who was my brother’s god mother and I wished was my godmother too. The woman who is my husband’s cousin. The woman who pretty much orchestrated what is now my husband and I. The woman I referred to as ‘Aunty 1’ in my blog back in January 2011, ‘the meeting’. That woman is now gone to be no more.

I knew she was ill, I knew she was in pain, I knew she was suffering. But, I hoped, I prayed, we hoped and we prayed. We celebrated every landmark of her health. We received group emails praising God for a great landmark. But God knows best. In as much as I wished she was still on this earth but no one deserves to live life in pain. I know and I appreciate she is in a better place, in the Lord.

This doesn’t make the pain I feel any better, it doesn’t erase the memory of her smile from my head, or her bubbly nature. I have never known this woman to be upset. She was everywhere… I mean, she celebrated other people’s success with them genuinely. I am happy she lived to be apart of our wedding. From her sick bed she called me to ask me what hymns I wanted to be included in our traditional wedding pamphlets. She discussed my dress with me. When we talked about the wedding dates and how my mum and dad wanted different things, she told me to leave it to her, and we got the date we wanted. She acted like a bridge between my family and DT’s family. I remember my mum saying when I was born, she was one of the first people to carry me, she was my mum’s chief bridesmaid. I also remember DT telling me she grew up with them and when he was born, she was like his ‘mum’, cos she took care of him then too.

She came to London for my graduation and my brother and the only reason she didn’t go for my second brother’s in America was because she was ill. Although her birthday was a christmas eve, a day before my mum’s, she spent christmas with us every year, celebrating my mum’s birthday and christmas day with us. Herself and my mum celebrated their birthdays together. She never ceased to remind my mum that she was one day older than her. Even when she was ill and I visited her before the wedding, she would send me to my mum saying.. tell my ‘junior sister bla bla bla’.

I could go on, but there are so many memories and each time I think about them, it is still a shock when I realise she has gone to rest, gone to sleep, never to wake up on this earth as we know it. It’s hard to believe someone with so much life and energy could be gone, just like that!

Rest in peace Aunty, Rest in the Lord… I love you and I will ALWAYS love you. Thank you for the  role you played in my life, it will never be forgotten.

xx Angel xx

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15 thoughts on “A week ago today

  1. Kai. This must have really gotten to you oo as she seems to have been very close. So sorry for your loss. May God dive you the gratitude to bear it. The good thing is she must have known she was dying so she would be in a better place now, as she must have been prepared for it

  2. I’m really sorry about your aunty hun..She’s in a better place
    I pray God gives you and your family the grace to get through this..Stay strong..x

  3. My sincere condolences
    Death is a b*tch but a certainty
    That’s why we should all be kind and compassionate to others
    So that when we leave, we are remembered with love – as you remember your aunt
    Stay blessed

  4. “Christ in us, the HOPE of GLORY”. Hope of glory. There’s somewhere, over a trillion times better than where we are now, reserved for those in Christ. Let that knowledge give you hope and let it give you peace.

    My condolences darling.

  5. My sincere condolences. Please lift your spirits and be merry (I know this is odd-sounding) because death in Christ is cause for celebration! My prayers to your extended family members…may the comforter see them through this period.

  6. Accept my sincere condolences ………….God has taken her to a better place.
    * hugs*

  7. Accept my sincere condolences Angel.
    Hope your Mom is holding up. It must have been a terrible blow to her. May God keep her soul at peace, Amen!

  8. Her beautiful soul rest with thy LORD, where there is no more pain.
    Continue to keep her memories alive in your heart, Angel.
    Thy LORD comfort be around you…amen.

  9. Willow on said:

    So sorry about your Aunty passing on, She’s in a better place and free from sickness and pain. Death is never easy to accept,but I pray God will grant your family and her family the fortititude to bear your loss..Amen.

  10. Death can be so painful simply because it’s so final. Visiting your blog for the first time today. Your pain can only be imagined, but be comforted because she is free from the pains of the illness and is in a better place.

  11. Appaz, I knew her kinda… Pele. Trust she is in a happier place. Ndo

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