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Goodbye driving instructors!

I have finally passed my driving test!

Whoooppeee! I am free from rude, annoying and unhelpful driving instructors. I am aware they are not all like that. However, at some point, my main reason for wanting to pass was so I wouldn’t have to deal with any driving instructor again.

I have had 4 driving instructors and they are all similar. In fact, driving instructor 1 was a waste of time and money. He all of a sudden stop replying my messages and calls and so I assumed he was no longer interested in teaching me and moved on. How rude, he could have at least emailed or called or text or something.

Driving instructor 2 was another after my money man! In fact, I didn’t realise he wasn’t teaching me stuff until I had driving instructor 3. Driving instructor 2 was also rude and kept shouting on me. I mean, I cried once during a lesson. During another lesson, as a result of his shouting on me for doing something wrong, despite the fact I warned him before hand I had not done it before, I parked the car and told him to take me home! LOL I had a enough. Anyway, did my first test with instructor 1 and failed, woefully! LOL that was the test I told you all about. *sigh* Nevertheless, the last time I spoke to that man was on my test day. No way was I having lessons with him again.

Driving instructor 3 was better, an AA instructor, she was nicer, but still a little bit impatient, not as impatient as driving instructor 2 though. She taught me loads of things instructors 1 and 2 forgot to teach me and I was a much better driver thanks to her. However, circumstances on the day meant I failed. No fault of hers at all. In fact, the reason I failed she warned me against it that morning. But I was stressed, thanks to my bridal shop messing about with my wedding dress and making me cry! LOL that was my excuse.

However, as I was moving houses, I couldn’t use her again, so I got to driving instructor 4, another AA instructor. He was so chatty. Lived locally, and gisted me about everyone’s business. LOL . However, he was impatient as well. As soon as we had 15 minutes left of driving time and we were nowhere near my house, he can even tell me to turn right into upcoming traffic.. lol just so we can get home on time. The number of times he has given me instructions in haste and I have discarded them because if I did it, I would have an accident, I can’t even count sef. However, I was also driving privately with someone in my car with a L plate on, so I got a lot of free lessons without him and that helped a lot.

Anyway, I had my test today and I passed, all glory to God and I can gladly say I am so happy I never have to deal with driving instructors again! Plus, I can save some money too.. after spending £27 per hour for God knows how long to learn how to drive and most of them want you to do two hours! Chai, the Lord has delivered me! LOL thank God. It is a wrap!

PS: I could be driving right next to you, beware and stay well away from my car if you love your vehicle lol.



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29 thoughts on “Goodbye driving instructors!

  1. At last! Happy for you, Congratulations!


    I envy you oo..i look forward to the day when i can drive…gat to get over this phobia!..eheheh

  3. congrats!!! you bet I will stay very very far away from you as much as possible! lol

  4. Well done bebe!!!!

    That instructor that told u to drive into oncoming traffic is a nutter!!!!!

    I can’t wait till we are racing on motoways!!


    • Oseeee twinnie mi 😉 he is a real nutcase. Bumped into him in sainsburys the other day sef. Lol. You are on your own with racing on motoways o :p I don’t have money to pay speeding ticket

  5. congrats, you berra invite me to be your first passenger after you have driven your husband sha.

  6. Yay!! welldone love! x

  7. Congratulations!

    Make sure you dont start doing a ‘Lewis Hamilton’ any time soon
    Slow and steady – for now ! LOL

  8. Yay! Congratulations on finally passing

  9. Congrats on becoming a ‘certified driver’. Wow! £27 an hour! You could have just called me and I’d have charged you £15 an hour and even bought you an ice cream cone after each class. Lol. Really, driving instructors could be pretty annoying, especially those who do it as a full-time job. I learnt how to drive at 16 the hard-knock way. No instructors. Just watching and learning. By 18 and after enough brushes, driving into the gutter, scratching the gate, bashing other cars and getting grounded as a result etc, I became a good driver! It’s Naija now so I got my license without any hassles of a test and all that! Lol @ ‘looking out for you on the road’!

  10. Wo, you tried self. Passed on my 7th or 8th attempt. Ah, the tales I could tell! Drove around with P sticker on my car for two years after until T ripped it off 🙂

    • Lol wow! DT didn’t let me drive with a P sign. He said it was more of a hazard than a help as people will keep trying to over take me. Infact the day after I passed I drove to Bristol! lol I have since earned two tribal marks on each side of my car.

      • Bristol? Wow. My friends tease me that I don’t drive beyond my postcode. Yes o, I was away when T ripped it off. He was using my car and people were trying to chance him left right and centre. I have told my daughters driving lessons will commence from like age 15. No old age learning for them, lol.

      • Lol 15 is a good age! Sounds like a good plan!

  11. Hi, I was looking in google to find someone who is like me going through or has suffered by same rude middle aged, annoying, greedy driving instructors..and I found you:)..what a relief to find that I am not alone..
    My 1st instructor was relatively cheaper £20 per hour, calm, annoying because instead of teaching car he kept on talking about God,Jesus, religion,church,miracles …eeeeeeee endless talks.
    I had 40 classes with him,ended up spending £800 and still he was not allowing me to take exam(???)..
    anyhow I got my provisional licence renewed 3rd time and changed my instructor as well as is automatic now..with confused, hasty, short tempered lady(she tole me ” are you color blind” one day and bitch to a big car lady driver)..charged £26 per ended up spending £500 on her :(…
    anyways I am not going to refer them to anybody and want to forget them as I had some nightmare 🙂

  12. Glad to here that! I’m starting my driving lessons in Alpha and Omega Driving School and I hope it will turned out well too. Thanks!

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