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A very pointless post…

This will be a mega short post..

I have been forced to come to terms with the fact that the world does not consist of just me, my family and my friends in the last couple of months!

Duh! I hear you say, but what I mean is this…

While I was at university, the people who ended up being my close friends, a few of them are still my very close friends, were people who I quickly realise that we shared the same morals and values. People who were somewhat similar to me. People who we had similar opinions about things we considered important. e.g. the type of guys to date, whether to pay tithe or not, how we treat our parents, what our views are on lying… etc. these are just basic examples, obviously there are loads of others that don’t come to mind.

Growing up having these kind of people close to me has made life very easy. When I speak to them, I don’t have to mind what I say because I know we have similar views or opinions. However, recently, I have been expanding my friendship net… or acquaintances net.. or whatever it is called and I have met very interesting people. Some of these people share my views and moral and values, some of them don’t and are at the other end of the spectrum and I left wondring..ermm.. what do I do here?! The answer mostly is to make sure I don’t offend them and they end up remaining people I know that are exactly my friends. Then they are people who are like ‘half here and half  there’ *sigh* this just makes my friendship world complicated. LOL

To be honest, it has been interesting meeting new people, I have learnt to see life from a different view. I was at this party yesterday and this girl said something that to me was a total no no.. but I forgot where I was and the fact she wasn’t my friend. So I asked her out loud if she really said what I thought she just said… I thought I did not hear her correctly. As soon as I said that, I regretted saying it out loud! LOL I should have just shut up. However, she confirmed that she said what I thought she said.

So to conclude this blog that has no head or tail or may be totally pointless, the morale of the story are:

– Not everyone in the world is like me or like you and despite the fact the people we choose to pally up with everyday get us and we get them, there are people out there who don’t get you and vice versa

– I am meeting new people and reminding myself that though we don’t share the same view, values or morals, they are people and can be lovely and I can learn a thing or two from them without compromising my values

– I should shut up more often when people say things they do that to me is a ‘no no’

The end



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14 thoughts on “A very pointless post…

  1. I call his post hot, *wink* I learnt a long time ago that other people can’t be like me or be what I want them to be. It helped me.

  2. This post is not pointless at all. You made very good points about remembering that everyone doesn’t always share our point of view and we need to learn how to react to that. I sometimes forget that, and I react like you or worse.

  3. I realize and have to remind myself daily. certainly makes relationships easier.

  4. Emmm sweetheart this post is not mega short. Just thot to say that :p and it’s not pointless at all. Variety is the spice of life and we are definitely not all the same.

    Oya please tell me what the girl said 🙂

    • Lol variety is the real spice of life!

      I meant for it to be mega short o lol but…. I couldn’t quit my jibbajabba lol.

      As for what she said… *touches nose* wouldn’t you want to know 😉

  5. This is the way I see it, we have to jealously guard our inner circle, lest we also start compromising on our beliefs. The people we listen to always have effect on us in the long run, whether we want them to or not.

  6. this post is not pointless oh. People are different and there’s always something to learn from anyone without compromising our values.

  7. You have learnt a beautiful lesson for life. To learn to appreciate the diversity in people. there’s a lesson to be learnt even from friendship with a thief….just as long as you hold tight your values

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