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Liebster blog – my assignment, thanks to Mstizzle!


Mstizzle has very kindly tagged me for this. However, her questions were real Jamb questions.. I will try my best to answer them to the best of my ability. Without further ado, here we go….

1. “The pen is mightier than the sword” in your own words – The sword does not require you think, just act and it’s effect is instantaneous and in most cases, soon forgotten. With the pen, you need to think, which incase you are wondering, is a good thing. ou think, you write and with the passion that could have led you to pick up the sword, channeled into writing a constructive message, that could possibly, be kept for life and have a lasting impact. *sigh* I have just yarn opax there.

2. Write a 3-line poem/prose/anything on the topic “Blogging Frees Me” – mehn Tizzle, 3 lines is subjective o, these internet explorer lines that are long.. lol  I might just cheat a little here and make them short lines.

With my virtual pen, I write, it lifts the weight

With my virtual pen, I think, my mind is free 

With my virtual pen, I speak, one, is encouraged

3. What year would you gladly re-live given the chance and why? – 2011 – 2012, met DT end of 2010..  know you asked for a year, but at the risk of sounding cheesy… since I met my darling boo, there has been so much colour in my life and stability and 2011 and 2012 have been the most amazing years in my life. So many good things have happened to me and if I could re-live these years, I wouldn’t worry for a second. I had so many doubts about how things will pan out which cheated me from enjoying the moments. I still enjoyed them, but it could have been better.

4. Mums or much older sisters? Which of them do you think influence your decisions more? Why? (No excuses, improvise) – I don’t have a biological sister, however, I have a friend who has grown closer than a sister and cousins who are like sisters. truth be told, my sister will influence my decision more. I just sometimes feel like mum’s don’t always get it. However, I am sure I am getting closer to the age where my mum will know all the answers but till then.. my sister.

5. Choose between Peter Piper Picked a Peck of… and This is The Key of the Kingdom, In that Kingdom there is a city, in that city… Complete either of the two. No cheating!! By that I mean no one including uncle Google is to be consulted. – no idea! If I were to guess I would say PEter Piper Picked a peck or Paper… lol. However, I am more familiar with This is the key to the kingdom.. etc and I am gutted I can’t complete it without google, but very aware that the key opened many doors! LOL So my guess would be.. in that city, there is a town!

Now… here are my 5 questions.

1. How are you? and no, fine, is not a sufficient answer. Literally, how are you today (today being the day you decide to answer my questions which I hope would be soon!)

2. Who is your favourite author and which of his/her books would you recommend – I am really getting into reading and willing to try new authors so I am forcing you to recommend a book to me 🙂

3.  If you could change professions now, with no consequences, what you would change to and why?

4. This is a random question (not like the others aren’t) but oh well – Do you think it right or wrong to route for the main character of a movie that is a bad guy… e.g. in the show Homeland, Agent Brody is clearly the main character a double agent and a bad murderer… however, I find myself hoping he doesn’t get caught when he is killing someone.. i feel bad! LOL so yes.. tell me, is it bad or good?

5. What is your favourite meal of the day and why?

Gosh it was harder to come up with 5 questions than I imagined. So I am tagging the 5 of you….

1. Single Nigerian Man

2. Hitnrunmullings

3. @tilola

4. DVees

5. Looking glass of an immigrant

6. Any other blogger who is interested. Would be interesting to read your answers!

I shall be inspecting your blogs in due course and hoping to see answers. Thanks for your cooperation



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13 thoughts on “Liebster blog – my assignment, thanks to Mstizzle!

  1. Ore mi, I kent lie to you, that your number 1 answer was serious OPAX!! Looll… Even after rereading it, the confusion just didn’t leave. I love the poem though and your other answers but number 5 yen, sweetheart, you didn’t complete it. Sigh… So so sad!! 🙂 Dont mind me! Thank you for being a good sport hunnie.


  2. You tried jare, see JAMB questions. This Mstizzle is mean….maybe that is her promotion questions in the office jare. lol…

    There definitely is “a city in the town”. thumbs up

  3. Here I was, hoping you wouldn’t tag me. Na wa for MsTizzle o

  4. LOL… you try no be small o. Tizzle’s Jamb questions no get part 2.
    lol @ sykik abi o, me sef begin dey think like that jor.

  5. You tried, except completing those childhood games. Even me I have forgotten themm lol…

  6. Looll, ahn ahn people, I’m not that bad now. Not fair 😦

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