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Belated and in advance….

Hi everyone!


Wishing you a belated Merry Christmas! I hope you all had fun.. remembered the reason for the reason and ate loads! I sure did, especially as we had two Christmases. One with my husband’s family and the other with my family, on the same day! It was fun though.

I have been off work for a while as well which has been great. I feel so relaxing. A bit annoyed the holidays end in a few days… back to reality on Wednesday! *Sigh*. I have been enjoying this time off that all I do is watch tv shows, movies, knit, bake, cook, visit friends and family and I have also had so many driving escapades! lol It is by God’s grace there is no scratch on my car.. with the stunts I have been pulling on the roads!

On that note.. wishing you a great new year in advance I pray 2013 will be far better than 2012 for us all.

Blog you in 2013!




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14 thoughts on “Belated and in advance….

  1. Happy new year in advance

  2. simpleemee on said:

    Have a happy new year.

  3. Happy new year

  4. Happy New Year to you and DT, Angel!! Wishing you both a bouncing and gingertastic year ahead :p

  5. Happy new year darling!!

  6. Happy new year to you and yours. God will grant all your heart desires and give you peace at all sides.

  7. Amen! The holidays are over now, back to work. God will prosper whatever good thing you lay your hand to do in 2013.
    Happy New Year!

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