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Who needs a shrink…

Who needs a shrink when I have got you guys!

Seriously! The responses I got from my last post were very useful. Thank you for all those who commented. Sometimes we can feel that we are going through things alone, but when we share, we realise that others around us are in the same shoes. So thank you for sharing your advice, challenges and insights. I really appreciate these.

So on that note, I thought I would share some progress with you. I piped my first batch of cupcakes! Did you hear that? I did two things I have been nervous about doing in a while. One, I bakes cupcakes and two, I iced them! My lovely friends bought me some baking recipe books, one of which was the hummingbird cupcakes recipe book. I flipped through this on Thursday because I wanted to use my usual baking experience guinea pigs (my work colleagues) to let me know if they tasted nice. So I went for the banana and chocolate cupcakes. I was a bit sceptical at first but I am glad I tried them.

I have pictures to show you as proof :)!

IMG_0370 IMG_0371I know they could look a bit like doodle like my beloved said! LOL! But they loved it at work! They actually thought I bought them. People had several helpings and one of the guys actually told me to please make them again, another guy said to make the cake more than it was next time. Both compliments very flattering! So, I shall be more adventurous baking wise and be sharing it with you. My next target is a bit adventurous and it is the  lemon meringue pie! It is my turn again on come dine with me next month. My veteran blog followers would know what I am talking about. For those who don’t, I will blog about it closer to the time. The plan is to bake the pie for their dessert. However, we have some guests next week sunday, so I will use them as my guinea pigs this time, to see if I can actually bake the pie!

On a separate note, I finally made pancakes on pancake day!!!! I always forgot in the past, but this year I remembered. So we made pancakes and I decorated them. I have a picture for you as well!


They were really yummy! Did you guys make pancakes as well?

On a finally note, hope you all had a beautiful valentines day!

Loads of love



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6 thoughts on “Who needs a shrink…

  1. Those pancakes look DELISH. I didn’t make any this year. The cupcakes are looking good as well. You go girl! Happy valentines and happy lent too.


  2. I love anything chocolate and these pictures are tempting enough…if it looks this good then am sure it tastes much better.

  3. Cakes look yum 😀

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