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Come dine with me: Angels edition

Hi everyone!

Two Saturdays ago was my turn for come dine with me. I had to cook for 9 people, including a child. It was challenging but fun. And everyone had a great time,

For my starter, made fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce. I made the fish cakes using haddock and mash Maris piper potatoes and the sweet chilli sauce by reducing chopped chillies in white vinegar and sugar, both were fun to make and tasted delicious. I planned to serve one each and save the rest for my guests in Sunday, however the liked it so much they ate it all!


My main was jasmine rice with Thai inspired chicken and vegetables cooked in coconut milk. Once again delicious, and once again, no left overs!

Image 1 Image 3

Finally, dessert. This was probably the most challenging for me, because I made the sorry myself, I did a trial run during the week and it tasted delicious however…..the crust looked burnt. So when I did it again on Saturday, changed my pastry recipe a bit. I did and just as I was about to bring out the pastry from the oven to pour in my lemon mix into it, half of the pastry ended on the floor! I was getting stressed at this point and wasn’t pleased at all. My darling husband encouraged me to do it again and went to the shops to buy me some more double cream. I did it again and it came out beautifully, it can still be better, but it was simply delightful with ice cream.


After all the eating, we settled down and watched two movies and my guests eventually left at about 10pm. I didn’t want them to go. It was so much fun! Looking forward to my next Cdwm,at this rate, it may be in 2 years time!

Have a lovely weekend!




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7 thoughts on “Come dine with me: Angels edition

  1. Looks very very yummy……..I want some.

  2. That pie is special, I want some ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That pie looks great. Me I love anything that comes with crust lol.

  4. Are you making that pie again anytime soon? Please post a piece to me. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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