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She said she didn’t forget

So, yesterday was my 4th birthday and Angel did not out a post up to wish me a happy birthday.

The annoying thing is, she says she didn’t forget, her phone reminder went off yesterday, but she was too busy cooking.

To be fair, it was for a good cause. Her friend gave birth to a baby girl on Thursday afternoon and she promised to visit her in the hospital today with jollof rice moi moi and chicken. So she spent last night after work making the moi moi.

That is sha besides the point, I think my birthday is equally important. She has apologised and I accept, so it’s all good.


My dear blog, happy 4th birthday! I love you, you have always been there to listen to both my published and unpublished, read and unread, commented and uncommented blogs!

To my followers, readers and passer-Byers thank you! It’s been 4 beautiful years!

Cheers to another 4 years!



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16 thoughts on “She said she didn’t forget

  1. Happy 4th birthday!!!!! Don’t mind her jare, she is like a butterfly, always jumping from place to place. She will definitely take the time to wish you a happy 5th next year!!!

  2. simply mee on said:

    AHAHAHAHA…, no vex oo, happy birthday.
    And congratulations to your friend and welldone for taking food to her. GOD would bless and replenish it back to you in a thousand fold amin.

  3. Happy 4th birthday!!! and God bless you and your friend and the new baby xo

  4. Happy birthday, to you blog. Please where’s birthday cake

  5. Happy Birthday Blog. Thank you for not ditching her 🙂

  6. Congrats to the blog on 4 spanking years!

  7. Happy blogoversary!!!

  8. Congratulations hunnie bun!

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