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So I was looking for a show we could go and watch this long weekend when I came across a Tunday Akintan show for 15 pounds. Firstly I was impressed a Nigerian was playing at the Southbank Centre and although the show was to take place on a Tuesday and I couldn’t go and watch it, I decided to watch a video of his to have an idea of what this ‘yoruba music pionner’ had to offer. To say I was confused at the end is an understatement, then again, I only saw this video and another jazz performance on youtube.

Let me know your thoughts!

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5 thoughts on “LOL

  1. A good idea of watching a video first.
    I don’t understand jazz, so can’t say.

  2. “gime some water, your food is spicy” *bobs head*

  3. I don’t gerrit……what’s he trying to say with the video…..anyways am singing fire…fireee…firrreee and shaking my head. The beat is addictive sha.

  4. he is on the tube…mind the gap???
    That’s about all i understood. lol. catchy tune though!

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