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The Nigerian Christian Music Scene from my point of view

Hi everyone!

I have been missing in action from both blogging and reading. I have been so busy and been travelling a bit as well. I will blog a bit about that separately.

The reason I have finally put pen to paper is because something really tugs at my heart. To put it simply, it is the Nigerian Christian Music scene. Basically, I was visiting a friend for our regular come dine with me come chop when he gave me a couple of Christian CDs, one of which was Kukere fun Jesu and the other was Azonto fun Jesu I think.

I found the title to these CDs to be quite funny and so I took the CDs and listened to them in my own time. Basically, the CD was literally songs we already know with the Kukere and azonto sound tracks in the background. The first songs on both CDs were new sha.

This brings me to my issue. Why can’t our beautifully voiced Christian artist come up with new songs and new sound tracks? Why do we always have 30 or so songs on one track and have CDs with only two tracks?

I mean, someone in the past wrote the faithful songs we sing day in day out, from “praising The Lord” to “baba baba baba baba baba o” to “imela imela” to other normal old household worship and praise songs. Each time some one tells me about a new naija worship cd I get excited only to be disappointed to find it is the same songs, sang by a different person, a different way to a different track. For example, the wazobia mix.

So my question is if these people call themselves artists, why can’t they write new Holy Spirit inspired praise and worship songs that would move us the way these songs have or even more than they have? Why can’t they write their own music as well? What is with one soundtrack for a million and one songs?

It just rings to me like the typical naija mentality, if something works well for one person, everyone joins the band wagon and does exactly the same thing and claim it is different! Just like we are presently experiencing with the wedding industry. Everyone is now a wedding vendor! *sigh* I tire. If your calling is to be a wedding vendor I’m happy for you but if you are just joining to make the quick cash, I don’t know what to say.

I just want us to be original and stop raining on other people’s parades. Instead, let’s create our own. If your skill is in singing then write your own songs and sing or buy lyrics from other artists and sing. I am tired of hearing the same songs over and over again or paying money for a new cd that contains songs I already know.

To conclude, this is my opinion, but if you feel differently about this, I would love to hear from you!

Have a lovely week all!


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10 thoughts on “The Nigerian Christian Music Scene from my point of view

  1. Yes, you are right, I have been pissed in the past. But trust me, there are many great and creative gospel artists now. Lots of them. Do you read Relentless Builder’s blog? She features a lot of them.

  2. I think it’s because most nigerian Christian musicians sing for the fame and money.

  3. You just speak ma mind… Bt der ar many grt gospel artists out dr doin grt you can check dis artist out.. “Liuz M – Ore TimoTimo (True Friend) via

  4. You totally spoke my mind with this post…the problem is that most people are in it for the fame and money…Nigeria is not a nation of originality I must say.

  5. In a way, it is the bandwagon effect, on the other hand they just want Christian music to infiltrate every secular scene hence the azonto etc. Someone said he was in a club and some funkified Christian music was playing and everyone was singing and dancing…other club business continued as usual. smh
    I’m sure there are new original songs out there. Seek and ye shall find..

  6. Hi, how are you doing?

  7. Tola Smith on said:

    The simple truth of the matter is that Nigerian Christian Artists are lazy and I believe they are not really inspired of God. If they are inspired, there is no way they will sing songs that have been in existence for God knows when.

    They are copy-cats and have no idea. However I found one whose music is so much different and something you can never hear or have never heard before. The Bible itself is full of songs. When you read it, you will get tons of it but because of the get rich quick, the Nigerian Artist dont meditate over the Bible and really come to think of it, why will they meditate over the Bible when most of them dont even read it?

    There is a guy in the US who is really doing good. His name is Aita ( and for his hardwork, he has been nominated by the Rhythm of Gospel Awards in three categories. He is the first Nigerian to be so nominated.

    Until Nigerians in general stop buying repeated songs, it will continue.

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