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The Prince is here

Hi my loyal people!

I have come back. Lol *hides face in shame*

Hope you are all well. The birth of Prince George was enough to bring me out of my hiding place. I didn’t realise I was so excited until I saw the smile on my face when I heard Kate had the baby and an even wider smile when I saw the new parents walk out of the hospital with their bundle of joy! It is any parents dream come true.

I’m very pleased for them. May God protect their family.

So, on to the really reason there was a smile on my face. I think I am going to do a “Kate’s” mum. Basically, when my unborn daughter is born and old enough, I shall be sending her to the same university as Prince George lol. Whatever he studies she will study, whatever house or dorm they out her in, the prayers will start now that they will be in the same house and then eventually… If the 2+2 turns to 4 then….. Ahem just watch your nearest sky news… My daughter will be e first royal Nigerian in the UK royal family.

Watch this space… lol!



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8 thoughts on “The Prince is here

  1. Welcome back.

    ….nothing is impossible , darling. Whatever we want is what we ask the Father and he is gracious to grant our requests….lol….hope blog fam will get free pass to have sunday lunch in the palace…lol

  2. Crazy woman 🙂

  3. Hi Angel, what is your email address pls ……

  4. Hiaa! from the title, I think say na the birth of your own Prince you dey refer to, not knowing na #royal baby. ok oo, we waiting o. will remember you for prayers. lol

    best wishes!

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