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It’s been a long time..


How are you all doing? I’m doing great. Just been distracted from blogsville. Other than my very busy life lol from work to cranky commitments things like knitting and crocheting and Instagram have been keeping me busy. Of which I am following someone you on Instagram under my proper identity and you just don’t know it. Buhaahahahahaha.

I apologise for not keeping myself abreast if your blog posts. I have only read mztizzle’s and I promise to do my rounds in due course. I have missed you guys o I won’t lie. Lol.

I said I was going to do a travel series on places I went to this year. It feels like i was ajala meh. From naija to Germany to Italy to Brussels and then stayed in the same country and visited the Lake District for the first time. Everywhere was beautiful except Brussels lol don’t judge me, I just didn’t get that place jere. I will be sharing some pictures in due course.

This post was really just to say I am alive and I am fine and thank you to those that checked up on me.

Enjoy your weekend!

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6 thoughts on “It’s been a long time..

  1. Welcome back šŸ™‚

  2. Finally! Good to know you’re fine

  3. Thank God all is well. Welcome back and don’t go AWOL again

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