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A mixed bag of lessons learnt in the last year or so

*argh one of my frustrations about blogging! I typed a very long exhibit this afternoon.. only to realise only half of my blog was published.. now i have to remember the dramatics etc of what I blogged about earlier to complete this post… please see below*


This is a summary and a combinations of things I have wanted to blog about in the time I went AWOL but didn’t. Hopefully I will capture it all.

1. Estate agents are rogues. They are day light thieves, well at least 80 percent are in my own opinion and from my own experience. Why do I say this? Have you ever rented a property and tried to get your deposit back? Well I have rented 3 and it was a nightmare each time! The first time myself and my flat mate paid about 200 pounds, I can’t remember the exact amount now to get our flat professionally cleaned before we moved out to avoid cleaning charges. The estate agent claimed that the flat that we were present for the cleaning was filthy when they check out person went to inspect and so charged us about the same amount for revels ing a clean flat!

No amount of explaining and receipt producing did the trick, they charged us that money. I just wonder whoever lied that the flat was in a state when he or she inspected it sleeps at night knowing try told a low that cost innocent people (students that we were then) money.

The next flat I rented alone and this time when I moved out I did not bother cleaning it professionally as I wanted to avoid them charging me for a flat I have already forked out cash to clean. This worked nicely. I hot my deposit less cleaning costs. Of course the cost of cleaning they charged me was more than I would have paid if I cleaned it myself but it is better than paying for cleaning twice.

The third time has been the worst! I shared a flat again and this time, I picked a room that happened to have a damaged carpet. When I completed the inventory at the start of the tenancy, I stated clearly that the carpet was damaged. Long story short, when we were moving out, the estate agent and landlord wanted to charge us 500 pounds to replace the carpet and another 130 pounds for pest infestation. Apparently, the carpet damage was due to pest infestation. Can you imagine… I lived in that flat for over a year and I had nothing more than the occasional spider which was not even necessarily in my room. This was clearly day light robbery. I tried to explain to the estate agent that if i stated clearly on my inventory that the carpet was damaged and they did nothing about it during my stay in the flat and now that I am moving out they are telling me it was caused by pest infestation then surely I should be compensated for them renting out a flat to me that was not fit to live in!  HE still did not get it. The most frustrating thing about the whole situation was that the people we were dealing with kept leaving the estate agent, either they were fired or they found other jobs when they realised the ‘ekpe’ they were getting from disgruntled tenants was too much.

Anyway.. by the time I was dealing with the third guy, I explained to him AGAIN that on page x and item y of my inventory, it is there in my scrawny writing that the carpet was faulty so I am not paying for it or the pest infestation. He then told me that it was his last day and he will leave a message for the landlord and pass my case on to someone else to deal with! Bear in mind that this was over 1 year after we had moved out. Nonetheless, it strained the relationship between me and my now ex flatmate.. but that’s not a story to be told! Anyway… I called again after the weekend to find out who we will now be dealing with. Luckily.. it was a woman with sense. I have to say that I even added getting out money back to our women’s monthly prayer meetings and I love to see this as a testimony. So this woman asked me to forward her all the correspondence we had received to that which I did. I explained my situation again to her. She said that from what I have said, she doesn’t see why I am being charged but at the end of the day, the ball is in the landlord’s court and they can only do what they are instructed by the landlord. So she went back to the landlord and told him about the inventory and came back with some good news that he is willing to wave the 500 pounds for the carpet but not the pest infestation charge. By this time, I was just too happy but made it clear that I still think I should not be charged for that however, i accept subject to my flatmate accepting. My flatmate called her back and managed to get them to also not charge us for cleaning which was about 120 pounds! Especially as we had paid for professional cleaning and showed them the receipt. All in all, out of 1720 deposit, they were going to return just over 800 pounds but now, they are returning about 1,400! Perseverance and prayers pay off after all.

I was going to share about more lessons I have learnt but this estate agent point was the biggest of it all. I can’t wait till I never have to deal with them again. Majority of them are just thieves!

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2 thoughts on “A mixed bag of lessons learnt in the last year or so

  1. Never ever allow the agency go do inspection themselves. ALWAYS be present! And yes, I totally concur.

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