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Show some love!

As some of you bloggers have noticed, I have been busy reading your blogs and commenting away today! LOL for some I have read and not commented for various reasons, mostly due to a slow internet connection, yes in the UK we also experience slow internet connection. However, be rest assured that I have been nearly moved to tears, I have laughed, I have hissed, I have been filled with joy and been angry and at the same time… I have felt at home!

IT is good to be back. I feel like I am a part of some sort of community and I have been on holiday and have just returned trying to catch up with everything has happened. Well, I have been on a blogliday… and now I am back and boy.. do loads of stuff happening in your lives! You guys are quite exciting. I mean, tonight was dedicated with knitting.. and people who know me that right now.. knitting is my bread and butter and my air and water.. but I haven’t even knitted anything since I started catching up on my much loved blogs.

Anyway.. enough of the psych.. I have a lot to blog about… including the fact I have not forgotten then I did not blog about our wedding anniversary! LOL don’t worry I am still madly in love with DT.. *Sigh* my Mr amazing… i might get to blog about it latr.. i might not.. but.. he is the best thing that has happened to me!

Now.. to the reason of the title of the blog… please show some love for my sisters! I have blogged a few times about V3… my sister from another mother and my best friend… one of the ogas at the top of . Anyway.. now is the time to help.. so basically, they entered this competition and the aim is to win! To win, they need votes! Please see below.

DVees entered a competition by Stylist in association with Triumph and got through to the voting stage. We come up as “African Cuisine by Dvees” See the link below.

Please vote for us and spread the word!!!!!!

Thanks for your love, encouragement and support. We are thrilled!

Lots of love,

So my darling readers and passer-byers.. please take 60 seconds to click on the link above and vote! It will be greatly appreciated.





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10 thoughts on “Show some love!

  1. I hope you don’t run away again. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

  2. Welcome back to blogosphere! Happy wedding anniversary as well. Wow, how time flies! 🙂

  3. Blessing on said:

    Welcome back hun! Happy Wedding anniversary!!! Plzzzzzz blog about it!!!! Plzzzzzz 🙂

  4. Welcome back Darling!!!!

  5. We love you Angels beauty!!! The very best

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