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What morals have you learnt from Scandal?

Sigh! I love this show and it kills me to do this. But someone on my BBM changed their status to something along the lines of the title of this blog and it got me wondering. Scandal is full of scandals, lies, cheats, adultery, murder, lust, you name it, it is there.

It is so filled with filth that there is no ‘right’ side. The natural human instinct in me wants to support one side, which is generally the right side but in the tv show Scandal, they are all guilty! So I find myself gunning for the president and Olivia Pope’s relationship despite the fact I know he is married with kids. But Olivia is hot and I love the story line…. Here I am supporting what I won’t support on reality. Then the presidents wife is such a b**** I mean, who tells their doctor to induce labour in the name of manipulating his love or commitment to you?! *sigh* then Cyrus and the blind gladiators! I call them blind because they are following blindly in the name of solving crisis. They do what they have to do to solve a problem, be it to steal or lie or manipulate information… As long as to it gets them the desired results they want for their client.

Then there was the Amanda case, the girl that got pregnant for who knows who? The president or the vice president’s assistant? Well she clearly couldn’t keep tabs of who she has slept with and claimed it was the president’s which lead to her eventual death. I felt sorry for her as well.

Then David, the poor district attorney. So buried in his career. Resolved to do whatever it takes for justice to be served. Goes the length and breadth to find the truth. Unfortunately for him, the era he is reigning is not in his favour, as Olivia Pope rules and always, unfortunately for him, finds a way to pour sand in his garri.

How does on lie with so many secrets? As for that Justice woman that does of cancer and Hollis or whatever his name is… *sigh* no comment.

So my point or the point this blog is, has anyone learnt any moral lessons or anything positive from watching Scandal? I am still watching o because it is interesting but when I actually thought about what I was gaining from it, the answer was nothing more than just entertainment. I guess in addition to that, I can say it is teaching what not to do/how not to be.

As for those out there aspiring to be like Olivia Pope, please bear on mind that Olivia Pope is in her husband’s house and not Olivia poping up and down.

That’s my two cents.

As always,

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16 thoughts on “What morals have you learnt from Scandal?

  1. Lol. I know what you mean though. It’s good practice for anyone trying to be a spin doctor i guess.

    I love the show though. I think i’m already crushing on Olivia’s dad *covers face*

  2. Hmmmmm. No morals BUT……

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  4. Lololll. Honestly, I’m learning nothing! Instead almost every time I watch the show I’m thinking of how it will be to have an affair with Mr O and also wondering whether Mrs O watches it and imagining different things about what goes on in the white house.

    But I love Olivia Pope and I love her bags!

  5. Scandal is very entertaining, for all the wrong reasons. My excuse? I’m learning how to be a scriptwriter like Shonda :).

  6. You see… I loved Scandal! Then I realized I was on Olivia’s side… if this was real life would I be? So I stopped watching it. It corrupts you without your permission

  7. I take scandal with a grain of salt. They do portray the president and Olivia in a way that you want to support them but you know its wrong.

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