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I miss the phone calls!

I know there have been a number of blogs about what social media has done to humanity but I also wanted to have my two cents.

When was the last time you called your friends…. Or I guess in Naija maybe it isn’t as bad as it is here… But for those in the UK, when was the last time you called your friends just for a chat as opposed to sending them a message on bbm or on whatsapp or just make a mental note to check on them later but never getting round to it?

Maybe it is just me!

I was thinking the other day when I saw someone who a generation ahead of us (the generation that Facebook and smartphones missed) chatting away with friends, on the phone. Proper conversations, catching up, sharing those little bits and bobs of our days that we keep for our closests and dearests. Conversations going from deep laughters to sympathy to sharing experiences and giving advice. It made me realise I actually miss that.

I remember during my college days, when I was doing my A levels, I loved those phone calls. I mean, my phone credit allowance was limited to 10 pounds a month but even then, I had meaningful conversations with my friends. Failing mobile phones, we called each other’s landlines. I remember then, no one could ever get through to our landline and my uncle used to complain I was hoarding the phone. Teenagers will always be teenagers eh?

I remember after school gossips with my girls FE and AL sigh… Gisiting about the then boyfriends, what they did or didn’t do, what they said or didn’t say. Then we studied together over the phone sometimes and asked each for help (yes we did) during our A levels! What else did even even talk about? I really don’t know but we spent a lot of time on the phone chatting and catching up.

Those days when it was all about this new guy you fancy taking your phone number, now it is about him either adding you on Facebook or asking for your blackberry pin. If you are lucky and things move on nicely then you get to the swapping number stage.

Other than boyfriends and husbands and immediate families, does anyone still call their friends regularly? I feel like I get more phone calls from recruiters and insurance companies and all these people I don’t necessarily want to have a conversation with than from my friends. Gone are the days where people see a missed call and call you back immediately, it is now a bbm of sorry I missed your call or a what’s app message or better still, ignoring the call. Not forgetting the let me call you back that never happens. Have we forgotten how to make phone calls or hold conversations? Lol I no vex, I am just stating what now seems to be the norm. Or maybe it is just me,

Then I remember when I heard about the wonders of blackberry and bbm and how excited I was. I embraced it completely not realising what I was losing. I joined the I will ‘bbm you’ group as opposed to I will give you a call and now 4 years later, trying but failing, to go back to how things were. I can only look back and *sigh* and remember the good times and hope one day our generation would be stirred back in the making phone a phone call direction! I can’t imagine sending bbms when I am in my 70s lol I would hope my friends would give me a call!

So friends, hint hint, beware, a phone call from Angel shall be reaching your phones soon, after all, if you want change, start with yourself eh?

Enjoy the rest of your week.



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7 thoughts on “I miss the phone calls!

  1. I looove social media and I honestly don’t miss phone calls because i feel its a waste of energy and time chatting about idle things. I’d rather do that on twitter. I hardly pick up calls lately sef. So bad of me. lol

    • Looool!

      The funny thing is *I’m confessing here* I’m so not used to phone calls that when people call me I am wondering what I have done wrong or if something bad has happened! Lol

      But I still enjoy it when I have gotten over the fact that no one died and I am not in trouble lol.

      I still feel it is the only private way to have a conversation except the person goes out of their way to record your conversation lol because twitter and Facebook and Instagram everyone sees and BBM and whatsapp in this day and age of screen grabber no conversation is truly private!

  2. So spot on. Same thing I was thinking two weeks ago. And I made a mental note to actually make a phone call a week(easier said though). Ill appreciate calls more actually cos I know it actually takes effort these days.

  3. I’m a “texter” so i don’t really miss phone calls. I’s rather send a message. Like Sisi Yemi, I don’t pick my call sometimes too (i know it’s bad) but i try 😀

  4. Totally agree with this! These days, phone calls feel like dial up broadband

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