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Where is Ibhade?

I know Ibhade of the nitty gritty tales of a housewife sent an email saying her laptop was compromised and so she wasn’t going to blog for a while until she got another. But I didn’t expect her website to go down. I have also tried emailing her and the email bounced back.

Has anyone heard from her recently? I hope she and her family are well. I miss her wit and her blogs!


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13 thoughts on “Where is Ibhade?

  1. Now shouting – Ibhadeeeee Ibhadeeee where are yoouu? Ibhadeee…

  2. lool. She’s is very fine and doing well. I had contact after my pounded yam post 😀

  3. She’s doing well. She mailed me after my last post . I am sure she will contact you after reading your post.

    How are you doing?

  4. She doesn’t want to be found. Don’t bother sending a search party

  5. Where have been? She now lives in the US and stopped blogging for a while only to stage a come back and made her blog private. Only those who were invited can have access to her blog.

    She was angry of things said about her as if she was a saint. I have lost interest in her blog and moved on. She should have kept her blog open and stopped comments coming in. Well, if it was because some wicked people were trying to put her in trouble then I cannot blame her.

    • Ah I see. I guess we have to do what we have to do to protect ourselves.

      • @ALLO, I went off to have my 5th baby, and I NEVER portrayed myself as a saint, on the contrary I am seen as the controversial person in blogsville. All the same thank you for visiting my old blog 🙂

        Well, i don repent from all my trouble-finding days, so now am a ‘saint o!’ #tongue-in-cheek# 😀

        No vex for me again, you hear? Oya come visit my new non-controversial blog. #truce?#

  6. Angel, I thank you for this post. And am sorry for seeing the link you sent to my nblog very late. It breaks tears to my eyes to know, you and others do care enough to ask after me. E-HUGS! xoxo.

  7. * new blog* *brings*
    Don’t mind my typos o jare!

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