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The motorway

Have you ever wondered how many accidents happen on the motorway a day?

This is a random post but I’m once again on my way somewhere and we are on the motorway and there was yet another accident. Other than the fact it causes traffic, I often catch myself saying a prayer and thanking God we were not involved in the accident and hoping the victims are okay.

Accidents on the motorway have become so normal that we often forget the repercussions of the accident. The fact that someone may have died or may die as a result of the accident or may be severely injured. Our main concern is more in relation to the nuisance the accident is to is because it has delayed our journey by say 30 minutes. I won’t lie, I have felt like that sometimes.

So it annoys me when some carefree person starts driving like a mad person behind or beside me on the motorway. I just wonder why they can’t be patient, I mean what is a 30 minutes delay when your life could be at stake.

Then there are the group of people that brake when they see an insect flying past on the motorway lol. Basically they are always braking for no reason and for some reason always happen to be in front of me. It always makes me wonder why they are driving on the fast lane! They brake so much that it is a risk to look in my rare view mirror just incase they have breaker again and I ram into them. They annoy me as well. As soon as opportunity permits I change lanes. I can’t let anyone put me in trouble.

Needless to say I have had road rages, sometimes I find myself talking to myself in my car. To think the driving here is better than naija, I don’t think they are far off here sha. I like to compare the two with the concept of a were and a were alaso (basically a mad person and a mad person that doesn’t come across as a mad person).

On that note, it will be a year in a couple of weeks that I have been driving! Whoop whoop and yay me! Most importantly thank God I haven’t had any accidents (other than hitting inanimate objects) lol and scratching both sides of my car on both occasions. In both cases I was trying to park! Lol the scratches are still there, I like to call them battle scars.

And finally, it’s my birthday next week y’all! I’m not fussy, just buy me some red soles ;).

Have a lovely weekend!



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One thought on “The motorway

  1. I have actually refrained from commenting for a while on this…. But things just keep happening and am like babes comment…. Still working on not commenting but when I do, expect a really long rant

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