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Why bother?

Do you ever wonder why you bother?

Especially with people who don’t necessary give a damn?

Lol I think I woke up on the wrong side of my bed today. Everyone just seems to be annoying me today.

The cream on the cake of it all was tonight….

Lol see their faces and ears, don’t worry I’m not spilling my guts here. It just upset me and helped realise and helped me to put the final nail on the coffin of realising that I was a victim of a one sided relationship that I had been in denial about.

Now I know and it is confirmed, I have taken some rash actions x-x I’m not necessarily proud of. I’m upset and need to cool down and if there are any bridges left to mend after, I will buy the hammer wood and nails to mend them. But till then I need to heal. I need people around me who I mean the same to as they to me. As you can probably tell, I’m sensitive, especially when it comes to my friendship/relationships.

Lol my best friend has had an earful today. I have literally complained about everything to her! Lol she reckons she likes this version of Angel as I tend to keep everything inside and let things go. Lol not today!

I have forgiven, I’ll work on forgetting, it may not be a big deal to some but it was to me.

Right, rant over!

PS: what’s with people asking very personal questions about your life or wanting to know things about you they are not necessarily ready to share about themselves?



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4 thoughts on “Why bother?

  1. “PS: what’s with people asking very personal questions about your life or wanting to know things about you they are not necessarily ready to share about themselves?”

    Oya let us start sharing, lol! Sorry I might come across as insensitive but I’ve found out that laughter soothes the soul. We all go through such moments, and they are very real. But do remember something: this too shall pass, and it will become a “story” to tell some day. By the way, how are you? 🙂

  2. Pele dear. That’s all I can say and this will pass. The whole feeling. Just make sure you are doing the right thing and you’ve done everything within your power to salvage the situation.

    People will be people and we too sef we’ve failed people some times so…

  3. People love stories….I am not excluded….however, I wake up daily confessing that “I refuse to get angry”, “I will control my reaction to people, situation and circumstances”e.t.c it helps….nothing deserves to have a strong hold on us and definitely not someone or any event in the past….it’s in the past, that’s where it belongs.


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