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It is good to give thanks!

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but a year and a bit ago, I felt lead by God to start a monthly virtual prayer meeting with my lady friends over Skype. So I sent a mass email collated the names of those who were interested and we started. Not everyone attends weekly but we are always enough to pray. As the bible says where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I with them.

The ladies send their prayer points before hand, I pray and do some research to find bible verses to stand on and support the prayers and then on the Sunday night we dial in to pray together I share the bible verses and we all pray.

The meetings haven’t been without its challenges. I mean Skype has brain torch. From cutting us off mid meetings to sometimes not hearing people to having issues dialling in, but it hasn’t stopped us from praying for at least 30 minutes. I thank God for the ladies patience and I want to remind the devil again that he can only try but by God’s grace this fire will not be quenched! The harder he tries to prevent the meetings from happening the more determined I am to make it work! On one occasion I scrapped Skype and had to use my phone and DT’s phone to call everyone on a conference call and put on loud speaker lol. There is no stopping us!

For our last meeting in November, I felt lead to have a thanksgiving prayer meeting instead and invited the ladies to send in their testimonies before hand. Even I was chauffed. I mean, we know God has answered a lot of our prayers but seeing them all together in one email was enough to wake anyone whose faith was dwindling or who was questioning if God is real. Not to say there is nothing we are still waiting on him for, but what he has done to date we give him thanks and for what he is doing and will do we give even more thanks!

God is good, and he answers prayers. Let’s always remember to pray and thank him for he is faithful and true and never goes back on his words!

On another note, that person I said annoyed me in my why bother post, it thought I was done and was ready to let the relationship expire or run it’s course but my bestie spoke sense into me. No point being mad at someone and they don’t know why she said in summary. Lol so I maned up and expressed my hurt to the person and things are cool again.

It’s important to have friends who are close to you that will tell you the truth regardless. Do t surround yourself with people that only tell you what you want to hear, it can be dangerous. In this situation it may have been trivial, but who are you getting relationship advice from? Is that advice really good for you or your circumstance? Let’s pray that his puts the right people in our lives at the right time.

Ok enough.

Enjoy and a big thank you for all the birthday wishes but on my blog on my bbm and on Instagram, God bless you all!



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6 thoughts on “It is good to give thanks!

  1. Happy belated birthday Angel *face palm*

  2. Happy belated birthday, Angel! And you’re right, it is good to give thanks. I love your courage and just want to say well done for putting together such a wonderful program! Good to see you pop up here once in a while 🙂

  3. If we really count our blessings, we will realise that God has actually been good.

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