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I know a number of you have read this book already. I bought it on my kindle months ago but I am yet to finish reading it. To be honest, it isn’t as catchy and not much of a page turner for me as her other books. BUT, I am enjoying it all the same.

So, I recently received a knitting order to make 20 mug cosies for my friends, Dvees Christmas hampers which involved some late nights as I was still working full time and we were in the middle of moving houses. The tv wasn’t set up yet so i decided to read and knit at the same time which is how I continued reading my americanah. What I then realised is, I agree with some of what Ifemelu, the character in the book, blogs about, but not all.

In particular, the whole black people or other ethnic minorities not liking to serve other black or other ethnic minorities say in a restaurant. I have to caveat this though and say most of my experience of this has been in America. Not sure why but the customer service I have received 80 percent of the time in stores with a fellow black sales assistant has been foul.

Saying that, I had a little one yesterday here in the UK. We had ordered some furniture and the shop said the delivery person would deliver it directly to a room of our choice. Yesterday I was knitting upstairs (seems to be all I do these days) when one of the builders came to call me that the delivery man is downstairs and leaving things outside.

So I rushed down and saw this old man, he was at least 50 years old and from his accent I could tell he was Nigerian. I asked politely if he would pls deliver the items to the opened garage as opposed to leave them outside. His response to me was why can’t the builders take them in for me. I was so mad! So I said, but if the builders were not here would you expect me to carry all these heavy things myself to the garage? Plus it is not the builders job to carry my deliveries. They are employed to do something else which is why they are here in the first place.

He sha wasn’t listening to me. So one of the painters and bathroom guy now started talking to the man that, look you are meant to be delivering these boxes to a room of her choice not outside, eventually sha, he started moving the boxes to the garage. He then said to me that because we had a skip outside our garage that he didn’t have to move items into the garage. To which I said to him that I don’t think he understands the crux of the matter. The main point is this, according to my order if I want you to take these things to the loft or to the room it needs to be you are meant to help me, that is what I paid for. So me saying to put it in the garage that is right in front of you and opened makes your job so much easier! Obviously he didn’t get it, he felt he was doing me a favour. What made it harder for me was the fact he is an old man.

Now do I blame the man? Not completely. I blame the delivery company that sent him by himself to deliver the furniture packs we ordered because he was clearly struggling and looked like he needed and wanted help. However at the same time, it isn’t my fault that he struggles to do what his job description is. Unfortunately I couldn’t be much help to him and the builders that were happy to help him, he pissed them off, so they only helped him partly.

Sigh I have gone off point. But the koko of the matter is this…. Actually I don’t know what the koko of the matter is. I just felt like reporting the man to you.

Okay, thank you, goodbye.

Have a lovely weekend…. Except I find something else to blog about this weekend and then I will be back. Oh and here is a sample picture of my mug cosies (if it shows as I am blogging from my phone) and I finally picked a business name… for my knitting and crocheting on the side! Exciting times!



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10 thoughts on “Americanah

  1. The koko of the matter is that Blacks don’t serve other Blacks well, according to what you were saying.

  2. Lol….@ you reporting the man to us….pele o jare…..that’s how he would spoil business for his employers with his bad service.

  3. It must have irritated you that much for you to tell us about it. I’m tempted to say that I believe that Respect is one of the reasons why several parts of Africa are backward. Once someone is older that you, you “have no right” to tell them that what they are doing is wrong or what they are saying is inaccurate. You come across as disrespectful and then your mother is blamed for not “training you well”. It’s part of our problem really. Pele.

    As for Americanah, you know what? I read that book a few days before I left for New York so I was just soaking everything she wrote in cos it seemed apt for me. Moving to the United States fro school. It just seemed like there couldn’t have been a better timing for the release of that book. While I found the talks on hair over-flogged, I understood her. The love story too was intriguing but the end was a bit off for me. I’m happy she got recognized though. BBC and New York Times are not “beans”.

    Congratulations again with the knitting 🙂 I’m proud of you my child.


    • You can say that again my sister. Lol I was really upset!

      I hear you on americanah! I haven’t finished it yet still lol will see how the end goes. But the love stories are interesting sha.

      Thank you. The knitting is challenging but seeing it as a new and good challenge, God help me. Mwah!!!

  4. I had a similar experience with Americanah. I still don’t understand what the NYT and other publications see in the book. Like you said, the plot isn’t so engaging. May be we feel this way because we are very familiar with the themes and experiences expressed in the book as African immigrants in foreign countries, whereas the nonimmigrant/white reader is experiencing everything for almost the first time. And so it’s a new experience and perspective for them.

  5. Yayy We love D’amore

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