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Which kain wind be this?

Na wa o!

So the UK is having he wettest January ever. So many places flooded as a result of non stop rain. Especially people who live by the sea side or river. Although I miss living across the road from river Thames, boy, am I glad we have moved! To add to the rain, the speed of the wind is next to none, stormaggedon as one news channel called it.

I mean, I can hear the wind outside right now and I’m scared to look out of the window for fear that my car will not be on my drive and the wind would have displaced it! I’m so happy I am on my bed and under my duvet right now! Having said that, the sound I’m hearing outside has made me say a few prayers that nothing to fly through our window or there shall be no destruction to our house etc.

The leader of a political party, UKIP, even went as far as saying the reason for the non stop rain is because the UK voted in favour of gay marriage. God is angry and has sent down the rain as a result. Take from that what you would.

Thankfully I have been indoors mostly and have no reason to go out to brave the rain and wind. I’m hoping by the time I do, it would have stopped!

Just breaking my silence with a shout out to the rain and wind. It dun do o! You don’t have to stop completely but Abeg give us a breather. Thank you in advance.




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5 thoughts on “Which kain wind be this?

  1. heavy rain @ this time of the year? Wow! that’s something!
    lol, I can imagine you praying in your house.

    God will keep you from all harm cos He says there shall no evil befall you neither shall any plague come near your dwelling place.

    it is well

  2. I heard it in the news and am like wow……river Thames has “yari” oh….it is well. No evil will come near your dwelling in Jesus name.

    A tiny weeny part of me is almost believing that UKIP leader oh….God will heal our land

  3. O ga o. Please be careful darling. You have time on your hands… 🙂

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