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The Seat filler – movie

So I happen to have some extra time on my hand these days and what better way to utilise it than stalk Netflix!

I have been ploughing Netflix for movies or series to watch. I have finished orange is the new black and house of cards now waiting for the next season. Watched all the arrested development seasons as well.

Naturally, I prefer black movies to other movies, don’t ask me why. Maybe because of the number of eye candies that are in the movie as opposed to standard movies. So I am generally biased. When I saw this move on netflix called The Seat Filler, featuring Kelly Rowland and the dude from ‘All of Us’, Duane Martin, I thought okay let me watch this. Boy was I disappointed. The lines and acting were so weak! I couldn’t believe it. I then realised why I didn’t hear much about the movie when it was released back in 2005. Clearly his ore criminal minds days!

Out of respect for my girl Kelly Rowland, I will finish watching the movie. But Duane should stick to sitcoms and Kelly to singing. Even Mel B should stick to singing as well. My greatest disappointment was my man, Shemar Moore, acting a silly self absorbed part in this movie! Like seriously! Sigh.

I will finish watching it and erase it from my memory.

On that note, are there any good movies in Netflix UK? They tend to be old movies or crap. The series are okay though. Have you had a better experience?

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7 thoughts on “The Seat filler – movie

  1. I stick to old season films that has good rating

  2. So the extra time on your hands comment should have been here but it’s ok. this movie sounds like a disaster LOL! I’ll pass. Sho wa alright? I’m about to start House of Cards. Game of thrones nko? and Breaking bad and the rest of them. After Scandal and OITNB I’m not sure jare. Making time to watch these series is proving increasingly difficult.

    Ok bye.


    • lol breaking bad is the ish! Loved it!! I haven’t watched game of thrones I have heard it is good but I’m not a huge fan of medieval settings. If it’s on netflix I will give it a go, not to forget downtown abbey as well.

  3. Lmao. Omg not sure why I wont stop laughing. I did watch Seat filler back then. Maybe you wouldn’t have been so disappointed as you are now. About to start orange is the new black.

  4. As I am not a movie person, I will just waka pass this post.

    I watched scandal sha

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