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Nigerian/African chef based in the UK

Can any one recommend a Nigerian or African chef based in the UK to me please?

The people I would love to use may be not available so I might need an alternative. I have carried out a lot of searches on the internet and not with much luck. However, someone asked a similar question on yahoo answers and a silly person’s response was this:

20140306-093454 pm.jpg

What do you say to a person like that? I just had to laugh.

So if you know of anyone I could use please let me know.



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5 thoughts on “Nigerian/African chef based in the UK

  1. LOL!! That person is so silly. Maybe you should search for Nigerian/African restaurants in the UK and then see if you can find out who their main chefs are…

  2. Goodluck with your search…..there’s someone in east London I know…lemme see if I can get her details and send to you …she stays somewhere close to the lakeside mall

  3. That person that replied is not alright at all.

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