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Managing expectations!

Goood morning or insert correct word here depending on when you read this!

How you na dey? It don tey abi? I know. Na so I busy go o my people. Okay I am done with pidgin English…. However I must insert na only you waka come somewhere in this blog. Lol just incase I am unable to….. I have already typed it!

So, my maternity leave is just flying past o and I am yet to get bored! Probably because my house has just been full, if not full, I have had loads of guests, both friends and family. I have also used my free time to visit people and attend baby groups. It has been fun. We even went to visit girly accountant and her wee one. Although she doesn’t blog anymore and she has become one of my besties. It was great seeing them.

So which expectations am I talking about?

I have spent the bulk of my leave (other than taking care of baby) cooking, baking and hosting friends and family. It has been fun and is easier to do when I have someone at home watching over him so I can cook and bake away. However, it is a different story when it is just the two of us at home, especially now the grandmas have left. I have his thirty minutes nap times to do a million things which don’t amount to much. I can’t cook and bake the lovely things I want in such a short space of time.

I just accepted that fact and carried on with my mediocre easy and quick cooking for me and hubby and life was okay (e.g rice and stew). However, my guests are now used to a certain standard of food and snacks or pudding. Before they arrive at mine, they already have an expectation of what they expect to eat. I haven’t really helped my case because I get so excited when I cook, I put a picture on Instagram. It’s so bad now that my friends that haven’t visited yet are already telling me what they want to eat when they visit. I find it funny lol.

When my friend and her husband visited recently, for reasons stated above, I didn’t have time to make a three course meal so I made a two course meal that was relatively easy, roast! I roasted some potatoes, a lamb shoulder and some vegetables. I also made rhubarb crumble for dessert which they could either have with ice-cream or custard. Yum yum yum!

Three days ago, my brother was bringing his kids to spend half term with us. He called to let us know he was on his way and that he would have dinner at ours. I was so grateful for the heads up because, I was still in my mediocre cooking mode and if he hadn’t called, there would have been just rice and stew to eat lol. I asked what he wanted to eat and he said anything, that I always come up with something nice anyway. Lol I knew rice, eBa, Amala, pounded yam or anything nigerian was out of the question. So I had to come up with something easy to make that won’t take too much time. I decided on a cross between a spicy Thai chicken stir fry (I used turkey instead of chicken) and egg noodles and then mixed them up to make stir fry noodles. I tasted it to find it was yummy but too spicy! However, my cousin who was also spending the night absolutely loved it and said the the spice made it morish. My brother absolutely loved it and said the same thing. Hubby who isn’t a fan of veggies asked for some noodles and Asaro (don’t ask!) just incase he didn’t like the noodles he can eat his porridge. Between going to the kitchen to serve my own dinner and coming back to the sitting room, he had eaten all of his noodles, veggies included, and was waiting to eat his Asaro. That was a big pass mark for me. So everyone was happy.

Fast forward to yesterday. One of my aunties called to say my mum sent some garri to us (I’m an ijebu girl to the t! I love my garri) and asked if she could drop it over within the next 20 minutes. I said that was okay. She arrived with my uncle and their cute little son. As we were all catching up etc, my uncle goes, do you have any meat pie or cake or any of those things you make? Unfortunately I didn’t! We had just finished the lemon drizzle cake I baked the night before and meat pie these days is a real long thing! I can only bake that if someone is sitting with baby and keeping him entertained. I promised to bring some to them when we visit them next.

Finally, we went to visit my husband’s cousin. When she came to ours last, I had baked a pineapple upside down cake that she absolutely enjoyed. Meanwhile, we were wondering what to take on our visit for her family when we settled for two boxes of biscuits and a carton of drinks (naija style). If I had remembered she loved the cake, I would have just baked one for her and taken it along. During our conversation, she mentioned the cake again and how much she enjoyed it and when next she comes, I should pls bake it again. I was flattered and promised to.

So, with these examples, and a few others I haven’t mentioned, I think it is safe to say people expect yummy food and baked goods when they visit me! The only thing I will say though is if you are visiting, make sure you give me at least a days notice so I can plan accordingly! Otherwise you might just end up eating toast and butter!

Hugs and kisses from my cooker and oven



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11 thoughts on “Managing expectations!

  1. Kai……can I come for cooking and baking classes……..I need to learn how to make all these “medemede” so I can beef up my CV to include continental dishes 🙂

  2. Please Angel, I don’t mind Vanilla-milk cake o … should I send my address for you to post it ehn?
    CHAI! Where I go when GOD dey share cooking talent ehn?
    Ha! The joys and perks of motherhood …aww … the trick I use is that anybody that comes to visit would babysit for some hours why I run around to do chores that are pending.
    Sykik, ready to babysit when you come visiting me while you eat only rice and stew taya! 😀

    • Lol no wahala, send your address! I am beginning to learn that trick o. Infact if anyone is coming to visit me these days, in my head I already have a to do of tasks I can get done while they are around. It is never too late to learn jare, just google and buy the ingredients. Lol

    • @ new dawn….after this Angelbeauty’s post you think say I will collect rice and stew….dia ris God oh…..better start doing “catering practicals” ala Ireti of Fuji house of commotion style otherwise, I will carry placard….. 🙂

  3. Awww you are the sweetest.
    Now I cant wait to visit, I want a sleep over infact so we’ll do the cooking & baking together.

  4. LOL!!!!!!! I love you darling! Can’t wait for my next visit but now New Dawn is making me feel like I don’t have to visit to get a taste of your medemede. O le ba mi post e. Hehehe!!

  5. I am so coming to your house this year. You are not allowed to say no o, cos you did not manage my expectations, lol.

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