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Can over excitement cause sickness?

I have had to ask myself this question again recently. If not sickness, some form of ailment?

The reason I ask is because I have noticed that anytime I am overly excited, I tend to either harm myself of fall Ill before I get to partake in what is making me excited in the first place. Here are a few examples:

1. My favourite Aunty isn’t mum’s junior sister. When she was getting married, I was so excited, despite the fact I was only about 6 years old or so then. The night before her wedding, NEPA had cut the electricity, so myself and my brothers were outside in the compound playing with my neighbours and my uncle (he wasn’t really my uncle, he was sha in my family tree somewhere along the line, maybe a 4 times removed uncle or so). Next thing, I had this “great” idea and I decided I wanted to climb up the stairs and jump on my uncles back from the top of the stairs. This uncle wasn’t cooperative and walked away while I was in the air! Lol, so BAM! I fell and broke my arm! On the eve of the wedding of the century in my world. I cried of course, but that wasn’t the issue. How will I explain to my mum I was stupid enough to jump from the stairs and break arm. So we came up with a plan to lie to my mum (I don’t think she knows the truth till this day, except she stumbles onto my blog). We told her the house help was scrubbing the floor and as I was entering the house, I fell! When she got back from last minute wedding preparations, she saw the state of my arm and as a nurse she knew I had broken it.

She had to take me to st Nicholas hospital early the next morning for me to get a cast ony arm, before we went to join them at the reception of my aunts wedding. I was rocking my Iro and buba with PoP on my left arm!

2. So now, this same Aunty have birth to her first son, who is a fine gentle
man now. On the eve of his first birthday, at this time, I believe I was 8 (don’t quote me, I am not sure). Once again, I was excited. This time we were at my mum’s uncle’s house. Once again, I had an affair with the stairs and decided to jump instead of walk down the remaining levels. I ended up with a twisted ankle! This time, with home remedy, my cousins put my foot between two hard cardboard and wrapped a bandage round it as a makeshift cast. I got to the party limping, but I didn’t let that stop me from winning the dancing statue competition! Yes, I danced and I won with my one leg!

3. Now this my same Aunty, lol by this time, she is asking me what she has done to me that anytime she is celebrating, something always happens to me. She had her second baby a couple of years or so later. On the day she had her baby, yours truly was in First Consultant Hospital getting my appendix out! What a nightmare!

4. Fast forward to May 2014! My best friend was getting married. I have been all sorts of excited. I couldn’t go to Nigeria for the engagement because I had just had a baby. So I was getting ready to #turnup for the church wedding and help out as much as I could in the lead up to the wedding especially as I am on maternity leave. The week before the wedding that I had set aside for her, my darling baby fell ill! I’m talking temperature up to 40 degrees! That happened up to like 4 days before the wedding.

Just as he started feeling better, I caught the bug and became ill as well! I can’t tell you how upset with myself I was. I felt bad there wasn’t much I could to help! I was useless to myself. I just had to take care of myself so I could attend the wedding. The night before, bridesmaids were staying at a hotel close to the venue. Myself, my husband and my baby were there, but my temperature was still high! I made sure I did what I could because I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I did nothing, but it was still not as much as I planned to!

As always, she was gracious and far from a bridezilla. She sent me to bed! I still wish I was able to do more but was limited by health.

This blog is to give my lovely V3 of DVees and her lovely husband a shout out! I appreciate your friendship. You two are rare gems and I am comforted by the fact that I have prayed and believe that we will be friends to the end and I will have the opportunity to celebrate so many more landmarks with you two and your future family in Jesus name. The devil will never steal your joy! May your marriage be rich and filled with happiness and joy and children at the right time in Jesus name. May your hearts be filled with joy and love when you look at each other forever. May you remain best of friends to each other. I love you two and wish you the best of a happy marriage.

Congratulations again.


PS: I will work on managing my excitement!

PSS: pardon any typos, I typed this while walking up a hill with two heavy bags! Talk about multitasking!

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8 thoughts on “Can over excitement cause sickness?

  1. Typing and walking with 2 heavy bags? I throway salute to you!
    I wish your dear friends a blissful marriage.
    HMM! What name will I give you now ooooo #putting on my thinking cap# …….Adrenalina! …….ahahahaha .

  2. I first thought, from the topic, that whenever you are overexcited you fall sick. But now I know its your restless spirit that lands you in hot soup, lol. Now, baby don cool you down small.

    I like the fact that you come from a close-knit family. That’s great.

    • Lmao! You are right I am very restless! Always wanting to do something! I don’t have a choice now, priorities don change!

      We are pretty close! Same with my husband’s family! I thank God for that

      • Aunty @ilola got it right, na restlessness they cause the “sickness” ….please don’t fall “sick” when planning first year baiday for our prince oh…..

  3. *cough cough* They’ve answered your question. Come back, we miss you. 🙂

  4. Lmaooo you sef. You sound very mischievous too

    So Adrenalina, come back soon 😀

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