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The taxi chronicles

I know I have been quiet for a while. I have been so busy. In fact, when mstizzle visited me yesterday, she understood how busy I was.

There are so many things I have in mind to blog about, but the incompetence of taxi company operators takes the lead this time around.

pls pardon my phrasing and grammar, I’m still upset and wanted to publish this before the young man needs me.

Let’s start with when we were away in Hereford. I was looking to book about 5 return journeys to the airport with a taxi company. The first taxi company told me to email all the details to them they will reply immediately. Two days later, they had not replied so I called them and the lady told me her boss would reply before the end of the day. It was not until the day before the first airport run that he finally replied in the evening saying I had to pay the taxi fares before hand (over a thousand pounds). The truth is I was open to doing this if he had communicated promptly but also skeptical because if it was taking him this long to respond to my emails, how am I so sure he won’t run away with my money, especially as I had never used the company before. I just told them not to bother.

Move on to the next Hereford taxi company, blue line, that is the name of the taxi company. The lady I spoke to was polite. I gave her all the details she confirmed them with me. Which why i do not understand why they made a silly mistake. She sent a driver to pick someone up from the airport a day before I asked her to! How incompetent is that? Fair enough it was a mistake but then another of her colleagues was on the phone to me giving me attitude saying I had to pay for the trip to the airport! My blood was hot and is still hot but God will deal with her for me.

As if that was not enough, the other job we booked them on to pick someone up, they kept calling us saying the person was not yet out. I then said to the woman that it is not unusual for people to come out of the airport late and it depends on customs/immigration etc. She was so rude to me! She kept on going on about how it was not unreasonable for her to ask me how long the lady the driver was picking up would be. I told her I had no way of knowing because there is no hard and fast rule that immigration officers would spend a set number of time per passenger, it takes as long as it takes. Sha sha in her rudeness I cancelled the rest of my booking with her company and used a taxi company based in London instead because all these Hereford taxi companies were giving me a headache. That was the end of Hereford taxi palava.

Now, closer to home, this evening sef. There is a particular taxi company I always use. In the last few weeks we have had a very full house so calling taxi is like drinking water. Today, I called at taxi at 3pm for a 7pm pick up to go to the airport for one of our guests, emphasising I needed a taxi for one person and 3 suitcases. At 7pm, the taxi arrived. The man parked at the opposite side of the road reluctant to come out. I had to shout across, please I need help. He eventually came out, looked across the road and shouted, the suitcases won’t fit in his car. I told him I asked for a taxi for three suitcases and one person. I could already tell he didn’t want to do the job and had somewhere else to be. He eventually left the luggage on the floor, entered into his car to call his office. I too called his office as well and what would the woman tell me, she said she couldn’t understand my mumbling voice! I said, I have called your office several times over the last few weeks to book taxis and my mumbling voice was okay then, now I have an issue you do not understand my mumbling voice. She said she doesn’t see what the problem is, I asked for a taxi at 7 and it is there. I said yes it is but he says he can’t carry all the suitcases and I asked for a taxi for three suitcases. She then asked if there were three big suitcases! I’m like you should have asked that before sending the taxi and I specified three suitcases not two suitcases and a hand luggage. She resorted back to she couldn’t understand me again, and she can send another taxi. I told her not to bother.

I called another taxi company. This one said the taxi will be with me in 15 minutes. 20 minutes later there was no taxi. I called the company again, they said they did not have the booking on their system. At this point my head was hot, the lady is waiting to go to the airport and it was 20 minutes after the time we originally wanted the taxi. I explained to him that I spoke to a lady, she told me the taxi will be with me in 15 minutes and it would cost 70 pounds, which was even more expensive than the first taxi but at this point i didn’t mind. He said she didn’t get all my details so they couldn’t send my taxi. Arggghhhh! I just handed it over to my husband to deal with it!

Who does that?! Usually taxi companies have caller id. So they could have called me back to ask me for whatever detail they claimed not to have had. So I was sitting there for 20 minutes waiting for them to come. After my husband spoke with him, another taxi eventually arrived 15 minutes later!

Phew! I still have a head ache. It is making me wonder whether I am the one with the issue or if incompetence is the new cool! These companies clearly make their money because their job is a necessity, I mean people need them, as oppose to them being good at what they do.

Okay, that’s me for now. I should be back soon.


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6 thoughts on “The taxi chronicles

  1. ooo, I can feel your anger through this post …..ahahaha…ok! Ok! looking for our trouble small….ahaha… kpele. I know, it can be sooo annoying ehn!

    I remembered our visit to Uk, and on our departure, the taxi came on time and as we brought out our luggages, he complained that we did not tell him, how plenty they were, so that he could had brought the SUV instead of the wagon! He sha, squeezed everything in the boot and back seat.

    Eku, Teju o.

    Here, I call the yellow cab few minutes to when I want them, and they come. Take care.

  2. Phew, I can feel your anger. Can you leave them a “wonderful love note” as a review on their webpage. This would help potential customers stay clear…..kilode, on top your money.

    E ku alejo

  3. Kai… I can feel your pain. Really feel it. Pele. It was a busy period for you though so maybe that added to it.

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