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Is instagram the new blog platform?

Micro blog and just wondering….

I was scrolling through my Instagram and realised it could be the reason I don’t blog as much anymore. Instead of writing long blogs about what I want to say, I can just put up a picture and summarise it.

Also, I’m beginning to find people advertising on their instagram as well, not their products but other non related products on behalf of other Instagram users, which kind of reminds me of some of the main stream blogs.

So have any of you my fellow bloggers taken to Instagram as the lazy way out of blogging?


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5 thoughts on “Is instagram the new blog platform?

  1. HA! I have caught you! No wonder you don’t blog often ehn? ahahaha.
    When FB, came out, it was FB-blogging, then Twitter-blogging, now Instagram-blogging ….what next is coming? …Ello-blogging? or Twoo-blogging?
    I still prefer, because to me, it’s like a wine, that gets better as it grows older … instead of fading away like a trend. IMO, some people don’t really have the time anymore because of sourcing for livelihood to write or read a long post…and as it is said, a picture says a thousand words…so everybody should do what suits them best.

  2. I haven’t mastered twitter, now Instagram is here. Abeg, old fashioned blogging is it for me .

    How are you doing ma’am?

  3. Ah, when i’m just getting the hang of Twitter? You might be right though because it seems i’m the only one i know who isn’t on Instagram yet. It just seems like such a time (and data) waster *face-palm*

  4. First it was Twitter but now I think Instagram is the new blog platfrom

  5. Myne Whitman on said:

    I actually do most of my personal blogging on FB and Instagram these days 🙂

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