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Is it possible to get over death?

I haven’t lost anyone but watching that episode on Grey’s where someone died (no spoilers) really provoked something in me.

I have always known that death is unexpected. Even when someone is terminally ill, you can’t really predict when they will take their last breath. So can you really prepare for death?

I am not trying to be morbid but I don’t even know what I will do to myself if I lost anyone remotely close to me. I try to tell myself I will be strong, I will be fine and get over it but the truth is, the thought of it makes me feel like I am drowning and gasping for air. Then I seek solace in my faith and the fact that there is life after death but the truth is, the peace I get from that doesn’t last very long and the next time I think about it again… It’s like a cycle. 

Another part of me tries to see it from another point of view. I tell myself I’m being selfish and I have no right to be upset. After all, the person is in a better place and doesn’t have to worry about the stress of this world, especially the no light no fuel saga of Nigeria. But still, I can’t imagine life without a lot of people, they add so much colour to my life. I can’t but realise I am getting older which means those older than me are getting even older. Inevitably as we are having a wedding and babies boom, unfortunately or fortunately.. the older generation in their own time will go one after the other.

I can only pray for long life for everyone, but long life is all relative. An 60 year’s equivalent of long life may seem so little compared to a 28 year old’s who enjoys having that person in their life and has a longer life ahead of the 60 year old.

Enough of the doom and gloom. Enjoy life, appreciate those around you who add colour to your life. Seize the moment and don’t let anything or anyone weight you down! Let every moment count! For those who have lost someone, I pray you are able to find away to accept the situation and move own whole cherishing the memory of your loved one.

From a deep place in my heart.

Loads of love


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6 thoughts on “Is it possible to get over death?

  1. My dear, not sure one can completely get over the death of a loved one o. Yeah maybe the pain dulls after a while but never gonna completely just be over it. And this is me talking from losing an uncle in 1999.

    But then again…. who knows?

  2. I’ve lost a close friend before and i can tell you that I can talk about her now and smile but it was really hard at first. The pain dulls somewhat but it never really goes away. Her mom called me yesterday and i did not pick up *face-palm* I Should probably return that call.

    I’m really close to my family and I know these things happen but I honestly don’t know how that will go. I told one of my sisters once that i’d like to go first and she went livid *shrug* #MorbidAreUs

    • Please call her back o. I used to say that to y husband as well and he just used to say I should stop saying that. Better still I hope we die together when we are old and grey like the notebook only that neither of us will loose our memory. Lol

  3. It’s painful loosing anyone close. The thought alone makes me hyper-ventilate. No matter the age, I don’t think I’m psychologically prepared to loose a family member.

    How re you doing?

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