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There is no easy road to success

You have to work hard to succeed!

I should have just put full stop at the end of my last sentence and called it a day.

We look around us and we see a lot of successful people, ranging from celebrities right up to the girl or boy you went to high school with. Often I have wondered if they have 10 heads but I slowly and eventually came to the realisation that we are all running different races and we all have a different purpose on earth. However, what I know to be synonymous with success, regardless of your path, is hard work.

Let’s use tennis players as an example. People like Venus and Serena Williams, Federer, Nadal and so on, earn a whole load of money, especially when they win matches. However, if you consider the amount of work they do to earn that money, the amount of hours they put into training, the discipline with their diet and just the basic conditioning of their bodies and minds to get themselves to a place where they can actually win a grand slam, you will realise that the money is well deserved! Question is, are you willing to put yourself through all of that to earn the same or similar?

Let’s look at other celebrities. From actors, actresses, pop stars, models and so on. You may try to argue that they don’t put in as much time. That may be true. However, they spend a lot of time trying to stay relevant! If you stop being relevant, or stop fitting into a particular kind of mould that directors are looking to cast or record labels looking to produce, you are pretty much out of a job. More importantly, if you don’t have a strong following of fans, you are pretty much kaput! So most of them do everything they can to keep their fans interested. From sex videos, to fake marriages, to divorces, to scandals, to sharing private moments of their lives they really didn’t want to share, to going on different unhealthy diets to stay skinny. The list is long. Of course there are some who also work hard without giving in to scandals. A huge price they have to pay regardless is living a very public life open to criticism from all angles. Instagram for one is one avenue fans and haters feel they have the power and the right to give an opinion about someone’s life.

Now let’s consider corporate executives. The CEOs of various organisations. I have considered personally what it would be like to be a CFO of a FTSE100 company. I still don’t know what that life will be like exactly but I can certainly dream. What I know for sure is that there will be a lot of hard work involved! If one thing is certain, the western world is too developed to hand out titles and higher pay to people who do not pull their weight or have any work ethic. We can see from movies and in some cases the sacrifices these people make as well. Missing important landmarks in their children’s lives, important family events all because of work’s schedule. But the pros are certainly still there, they can afford a lot of things.

None of the above is bad, but it was just to shine some light on the fact that nothing good comes easy. You have to work hard to get there and work harder to stay at the top.

So when next you see a successful person or a hard working person, encourage them, say a prayer for them, because it isn’t easy staying focused. Don’t give them a hard time for missing events, they give themselves a hard enough time. Stop giving negative feedback! If it isn’t going to add value to them, keep it to yourself. Let your words edify, they are humans too. They are already facing pressure from all around, don’t add to it. As hard workers yourselves, you will be in their shoes one day.

So on that not so end worthy note, I conclude this message. I can’t quite remember what the point of this was…. I guess just some mullings in my head that I have tried to regurgitate. Hopefully it makes sense and is useful to somebody… Any body lol.



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3 thoughts on “There is no easy road to success

  1. This is motivating and encouraging. Quite needed this to be honest…thank you
    And I tots see you as a CFO of a FTSE 100 company. 😉

  2. The title of your post says it all. There is nothing like overnight success.

    I was called a liar yesterday!

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