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A week ago today.. in Amsterdam

It was my birthday! 

Yes, I was a year older and now I am a year and a week older, desperately struggling to hold on to my twenties! Sigh!

My closest and dearest and followers on social media know how important my birthday is to me as I start my countdown very early! If wish me happy birthday, it makes my day… if you don’t… I forgive you but I don’t forget, ah! Lol say whatever you like! It is one day in the whole year that I get to pretend everything is all about me!

I always tell myself I don’t have to celebrate my birthday and I can just have a normal day without doing anything. But closer to the day, I start getting the I need to do something itch. My situation is not helped by the fact the company I work for gives us our birthday off work as paid leave, so I have no excuse.

Two years ago, I had a birthday treat mixed with my babymoon which was really amazing. It was just me and my husband being pampered somewhere in central london for the weekend. Last year, my first as a mum, we stayed home and had friends over and finally, this year, we went to Amsterdam! I have always dreamed of travelling for my birthday but for various reasons ranging from affordability to timing to scheghen visa, it has never happened. This year, the stars were aligned in my favour!

Amsterdam, where do I even start! In my opinion, it is mega liberal. We all hear about how cannabis and prostitution is legal in the Netherlands but it wasn’t until I smelled it myself and saw with my two korokoro eyes did it begin to dawn on me! The presence of cannabis shops is so normal, the one closest to our hotel was within a 50 yard walk to Mac Donald’s. People smoking it freely on the streets, I was getting worried at the quality of air my son was inhaling! The one that shocked me the most was walking past the red light district and on one particular side, the brothel shared a wall pretty much with a kids nursery! I was like sho! Okay na. 

It was very sad seeing women who have decided to use their body as their source of living. That is their normal. I cannot judge anyone because I do not walk in their shoes and I cannot say under the same circumstances and background or with the resources they had growing up, I won’t have made the same decision. However, I pray that they will individually or collectively find a way to come out of their present state. I must say that even with legalised drugs and prostitution, I don’t remember seeing anyone on the streets high or dressed provocatively.

On a separate note, we also visited the museums. My favourite has to be the Van Gogh museum. I didn’t see as much of it as I would have liked to so if I ever find myself in Amsterdam again..I will definitely be visiting the museum again.

On a final note, there is not a lot to do in Amsterdam, but it was perfect for a weekend getaway, particularly as the flight only takes less than an hour.

If you ever visit, let me know and share your experience with us :).



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