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My last blog: Goodbye Angelsbeauty

I suddenly came to the decision to stop blogging as angelsbeauty over the weekend and I finally have peace with it.

Angelsbeauty is my baby, it was my companion when I was lonely, my sounding board when I had exams and needed to rant, my girlfriend when I was dating before I met my husband, and my guinea pig when I was trying my hands on my different dishes.

However, for my present stage in life, it is time for me to move on. Some of you may have wondered what the theme of this blog was. The truth is, there was no theme, it was just an avenue for me to be myself and let out steam occassionally. I’m now able to do this safely in my home with my husband (lol) so once again, it is time to move on.

In the blog’s prime time, I made a number of blog friends. From ibhade, hitnrunmullings, naijamuminlondon, looking glass of a naija immigrant (I think) basically aka prism, atilola, ginger, singlenigerian, joxy, toinliciousand so on. Some of these people I have met, chat with on bbm/whatsapp. You are all very lovely people and I will continue to communicate with you.

I am not going far though… haha it isn’t that easy to give up on my first love just like that. I have started (like my last blog said) a new blog, Just do it mum, which I will be focusing all my writing energy on, particularly as it has more of a focus and I am hoping that my experiences can help someone plan a smoother transition from a wife/woman into a mum/working mum. So, pretty please, feel free to support my new project and you are more than welcome to stay in touch that way.

From Angel, it is good bye!

12 April 2010 – 14 December 2015

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