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Who am I?

I don’t believe there is a word that can describe me. Maybe weird or crazy are nearly it.  I enjoy making friends and I am very open with people, I try not to keep too many secrets, too burdensome. I enjoy all types of music except classical and rap. I love cooking.. absolutely love it. At the moment I can only make nigerian dishes, well, and a couple of english dishes but I plan to widen my palate..

I enjoy dancing but am not a great dancer, same with singing. I also enjoy traveling, just so I can say I have been there and just to see the beauty of the world.

I have just discovered I actually love nature and doing things like hiking! I would never have guessed. Discovered this in Devon and Dorset! Such amazing sights!
Anyway, to discover more about me, read my blog! That’s all for now…

One thought on “Who am I?

  1. daddy on said:

    I had the same problem then i listened to this song it spoke to me and i got my answer!!

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