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Nearly rich

nearly rich

I have had a lovely day today. So yesterday wasn’t great, but then this morning, started off my day by cleaning up my flat as two of my friends were coming over, good friends from my university days, so we just pretty much chilled and caught up and I made lunch, beef curry and steamed rice, was delicious if I should say so myself. Watched confessions of a shopaholic, was good, I can relate with her pains. At about 7pm, they decided it was time to start leaving for London. I walked them to the station and on  my walk back home, called another friend to keep me company and bought a Mcflurry on my way.

I was laughing away on the phone when I bumped into another friend, who was walking with a friend and I was invited out for a drink? I thought about the fact I had nothing to do at home but study (which I was trying to avoid, naughty me) so I was like why not? We went to this bar called Global cafe i think, it was quite eccentric and different but I loved the atmosphere, was quite chilled, we got our drinks and just sat down and just chatted away for the next 3 hours. Didn’t realise what time it was, but yea, first time I have done something like that spur of the moment and it was worth it!

So you know how Mcdonalds is doing this monopoly competition thing and I find that I have park lane, and if I had mayfair as well, I would will £500,000 so I changed my status on facebook and turns out my friend has mayfair and was willing to split the price, but being the accountant that I am used to rules and laws and terms and conditions, I decide to read the terms and conditions, just to find out that “acting in concert is not allowed” arrghh!!!! I was that close to making some shopping spree money!!!!

Now am back home, and I think I am just going to have to study, along side some tv and get ready for tomorrow’s blog. Ta xxx

Who are you?


I find myself sometimes asking myself who I am, especially when I am faced with the world. In my own little world, I believe  I understand people and I can read people and signs from people just to get a feel of their personality and the kind of person they are. So that said, the people I come across make me ask myself who I am. The reason been they have amazing characters. Some good amazing and some.. lets just say funny amazing.

Just for the purpose of this blog, I am a size 10 right and I am not a weight freak, I don’t really care what I weight as long as I am not obese and i set a maximum size 12 for myself just because based on my body mass index, even at size 10, I am nearly overweight and I have heard bmi is not very accurate especially as I have very dense bones, being African. But that’s besides the point.  So as I was saying, I love my chocolate, especially snickers… hmmmm now to make you beg you for it, just make it cold or frozen…. that just makes my mouth water. I also love M&S percy pigs, and sainsbury’s bakery chocolate chip muffin ( the 4 in a pack ones), M&S chocolatey rounds, I could so go on. long story short, I love my junk food, but I am not great at the gym. I hardly ever go. While I was in university, it was free to go to the gym so I used it more then, but now, I don’t drive, plus there isn’t a decent one nearby and I just come up with all sorts of excuses not to go.

So what was the essence of telling you my weight and favorite snacks, it is because people around me keep hounding me for eating. I am a kind of person anything I do, I tell at least one person, that’s me! So when I am having lunch and I love what I am eating, I change my blackberry status or twitter to something like.. hmm I love goat cheese and olives and someone pings me back going.. ooo you love food too much, oo you always talk about food etc, and I am thinking how does it affect you? Am not obese, I am not eating your food, plus it is my lunch! Same with dinner.. but because I know who I am I don’t dwell on it for too long, but to be honest it is very annoying and I was not a confident person, I could be bulimic or anorexic now.

Now drinking is number two on my list. I am not a heavy drinker, I drink socially but apart from religion, the reasons why i don’t drink heavily are:

  • I find alcohol expensive and a waste of my money
  • I wonder how one could keep drinking without feeling too full and eventually stop enjoying the drink
  • I heard hang overs are horrible so I never want to be hung over, plus you enjoy the night more when you know what you are doing
  • I don’t want to have an  excuse for my stupidity, if i am going to be stupid, I’ll rather be sober.

I am not saying people who drink are stupid by the way, I just know people who do things they wouldn’t normally do sober and then blame the drink. I also find that as obvious as it is, one man’s food is another man’s poison. I got told recently by a friend that he can’t go out for fun with me because I don’t drink. My immediate reaction was, well I do have fun when I go out, I drink but I don’t get drunk and I am NOT going to change that so that people can think I am fun to go out with.

On a more general note, in social gatherings, or things as simple as lunch, I study people and find that some are too scared to make decisions for themselves because they want to be with the majority. For example, if someone says hey who wants to go clubbing tonight, the first thing i think about is, I am free, do I have other things I need to sort out, not who else is going, will so and so be there, or stall on an answer till am sure people will go. Sometimes taking my approach can be lonelybecause for example you could end up being the only person there, but I would rather do that that just be a follower. I am a good team worker, but if everyone decides to be a follower, I will gladly be a leader. Have a mind of your own, make your own path.

I think I have written enough for today, with that I say goodnight. xxx


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