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A very pointless post…

This will be a mega short post..

I have been forced to come to terms with the fact that the world does not consist of just me, my family and my friends in the last couple of months!

Duh! I hear you say, but what I mean is this…

While I was at university, the people who ended up being my close friends, a few of them are still my very close friends, were people who I quickly realise that we shared the same morals and values. People who were somewhat similar to me. People who we had similar opinions about things we considered important. e.g. the type of guys to date, whether to pay tithe or not, how we treat our parents, what our views are on lying… etc. these are just basic examples, obviously there are loads of others that don’t come to mind.

Growing up having these kind of people close to me has made life very easy. When I speak to them, I don’t have to mind what I say because I know we have similar views or opinions. However, recently, I have been expanding my friendship net… or acquaintances net.. or whatever it is called and I have met very interesting people. Some of these people share my views and moral and values, some of them don’t and are at the other end of the spectrum and I left wondring..ermm.. what do I do here?! The answer mostly is to make sure I don’t offend them and they end up remaining people I know that are exactly my friends. Then they are people who are like ‘half here and half  there’ *sigh* this just makes my friendship world complicated. LOL

To be honest, it has been interesting meeting new people, I have learnt to see life from a different view. I was at this party yesterday and this girl said something that to me was a total no no.. but I forgot where I was and the fact she wasn’t my friend. So I asked her out loud if she really said what I thought she just said… I thought I did not hear her correctly. As soon as I said that, I regretted saying it out loud! LOL I should have just shut up. However, she confirmed that she said what I thought she said.

So to conclude this blog that has no head or tail or may be totally pointless, the morale of the story are:

– Not everyone in the world is like me or like you and despite the fact the people we choose to pally up with everyday get us and we get them, there are people out there who don’t get you and vice versa

– I am meeting new people and reminding myself that though we don’t share the same view, values or morals, they are people and can be lovely and I can learn a thing or two from them without compromising my values

– I should shut up more often when people say things they do that to me is a ‘no no’

The end



The D – day

So the birthday I have been singing about is finally here! I am a year older today and so thrilled!!! Cannot but thank God for his mercies and for bringing here again :).

Today has been great. I feel so loved! Phone calls from the states and Nigeria from friends and family kept me up till 2:30am today! But I complain not as I appreciate them. I made a point to reply every single message I received.. *sigh* 168 Facebook wishes and counting (i didn’t count them … Facebook told me), it was quite hard keeping up but I really appreciate all the texts, voice-mails, Facebook messages, twitter messages etc people have sent. May they all be celebrated as well.

So I wasn’t quite sure what to expect today as 2 of my really good friends that are usually a part of my birthday moved back to Nigeria earlier this year. I mean, when I moved to Reading last year, I told them I didn’t want to do anything for my birthday because I wasn’t in London and I couldn’t be bothered to plan anything. They said okay. I got back from work and they called me to say they were in Reading! Both of them and one of my other good friends came to Reading that night to spend my birthday with me. That was really sweet and I cried because I was so surprised. I have never had a surprise before and I felt so loved. Okay you have probably gathered by now that I am very emotional. Lol.

So this year, as 2 of them are not around and the 3rd is now in his final year at university.. I just expected to have a pretty normal day. I got to work nice and early… and on my desk, i had a lovely surprise! One of my colleagues had poured some ‘happy birthday’ confetti on my desk, she also baked me an egg liqueur cake (it’s a German cake apparently, photo below, but erm, please… ignore the untidy desk) and bought me a cupcake recipe book! I was very close to tears… I really appreciated it of course and the cake was yummy.


Ignore my untidy desk!!



Also, turns out my friend’s had tricks up their sleeves. I wasn’t expecting a gift this year, but apparently, it is in the post! I am mega excited! They are really good at picking gifts. 3 years ago, I got a Nintendo ds, 2 years ago I got a swarovski set and last year my surprise gathering. I wonder what this year will be… any ideas?

To conclude.. this year… what I want to thank God for is the people in my life that have made this day special. I feel so loved… I know I have said that so many times, but you just can’t understand how loved I feel right now, I feel extremely loved and I thank god for the family he placed me with and the people that are involved in my life. I really appreciate it.

Do you know what I really want?

What I really want is a friend! Not just a friend that says hello and is always there for a chat, but a friend that is a true friend. One that truly cares you know! I am bad at explaining things I am passionate about which doesn’t really help.

What I mean is this. Something that means a lot to you, I mean something that seems so little to other people but to you it is the world, you are so proud of this thing and you just want to share it with someone. But you just know deep down inside you that there is really no one around you that can understand how much passion you feel for this thing. People try, but to be honest, if you don’t truly care about something it is hard to be as passionate or as happy as the person who is sharing the news. For this reason you end up keeping these thing you just want to share with someone and have them be as happy as you are about it! It sucks, trust me!

Don’t get me wrong, I have some amazing friends who I share my joys and sadness with, but this piece of the puzzle is missing and I have more or less given up on searching for this friend. My last chance really now is my husband.. when he eventually arrives. I guess I would hope for him to be interested in my highs and lows a lot more than a friend.

Okay so  I have been an emotional wreck today! Crazy but I have no idea why… but yea… I”ll keep the tears rolling till I fall asleep…. maybe I’ll feel better.  And no… its not what you think… just been sat here watching chic flicks.. and the happy scenes make me cry.. lol like watching 27 dresses, the scene where she finally got married made me cry. Watching ‘In her shoes’ loads of scenes made me well up.. lol at least its not anything horrible making me cry. Iits way past my bed time, got work and an extremely long day tomorrow so good night :).

Devon – Sidmouth

Finally, the day I have been waiting for the last 3 weeks is here, ok not literally, it is tomorrow! I am quite excited. But come on, it has been really warm for the last two weeks or so, and then the bank holiday weekend is here and guess what? You guessed right, IT IS GOING TO RAIN ALL WEEKEND! Which really isn’t cool because.. I have been looking forward to this weekend for a while, dreaming about lying on the beach reading a good book, strolling, hiking etc. Anyway, the team says it will be a hiking weekend, so I guess it is still something to look forward to.

So now the challenge is to pack a small suitcase for three nights. So I am thinking if we are going to be hiking in the rain it will definitely involve a lot of changing of outfits, and possible a dinner / night out on one of the nights. So I settled for 7 t-shirts, 2 dresses, a pair of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, a bikini, a full piece swim suit, 2 hoodies, 2 jogging bottoms, a comfortable pair of vans, contemplating taking wellies, but I don’t have enough room for them.  Now the next task is to sit on my suitcase till its shut.

Back to packing my suitcase, have a lovely long weekend and hopefully I’ll have something interesting to blog about on Monday / Tuesday.

“Friendship” …. a full time job pt 1

It may seem as if I always talk about myself, but the truth is the only person I can talk about in truth and in enough detail to nearly 100% accuracy is myself, so bare with me.

"..I'll be there...."I cherish and value friendship so much even my family sometimes think I love my friends more than my family, that is how bad it is. I have been in so many different kinds of friendships, some are still existing, some hanging by a thread and some long gone and still I am told I have too many friends. That one i agree with, its hard to keep in touch with everyone, but I try.

I am a strong believer in not writing off any source of new friendship because you think you already have enough friends or you think you don’t have enough in common with the person. Here is why, if you only make friends with those you have something in common with, there will be a time where those friends will not be available or a time where you would be going through some issues those friends cannot relate to.

My motto is make friends sensibly with whoever really. I don’t wake up each morning thinking… I must make a new friend today but I am open to whoever wants to be my friend. Let me rephrase, I am approachable to whoever wants to be my friend.  I am also not saying to tell every tom dick and harry your most intimate secrets.  Start off by speaking to them, source them out, decide what category of friends they fall into, and then you then decide how much of your life you are willing to share with them.

In another context, there are friends that will rely on you emotionally and others who you will rely on emotionally, the world is round after all. There are friends who are always negative and those who are positive and those who have their days. You don’t have to pick and choose, just make sure you are prepared for whatever comes your way. If you have some negative friends, make sure you have a way to replenish yourself after conversing with them, try to be as positive as possible to them because they need you to be positive for them. After all everyone has their role to play in this world.

It is very important not to forget yourself in all of this. Find some “you” time otherwise you’ll end up cranky and eventually loose yourself. Another good reason to have a variety of friends. From my experience it is useful to take a break from one group of friends and spend the time with another group of friends. This helps you appreciate what you have in one set that you don’t have in another. It helps put things in perspective. At the same time it is essential to make sure that some friends don’t feel inferior to others. Easier said than done right, but with practice, it’ll be next to breathing.

I have too much to say about friendship and I am sure I am not articulating myself well enough, but this will have to be continued some other day. To end this, a “friend” did something to me the other day that made me think about this: “Who do you go to when life is gray, still and everything seems to go down hill and who do you go to when you are in your prime, when you are happy, when things seem to be perfect“. When you think about it, are you going to the same people? I personally think it is only fair for you to share your happiness with those who shared your sadness with you.

Have a good night.

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