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Saving the best for the last or having the left over?

Warning!! Read at your own risk. I have written about MY thoughts. Your comments are welcomed, but it is important to note that SO many random thoughts pass through my head. In a couple of days, I might blog about something completely opposite, who knows?

I started writing this blog on my blackberry and ‘saved draft’.. turns out save draft means sending it somewhere called the ‘cyber space recycling bin’! How annoying is that… as my first draft had a lot of quality point. Oh well!

So, what do I mean by my blog title? Yes, you guessed it, once again it has to do with relationships and love and yadeyah. I have been thinking recently about how people say just wait and he’ll come and look for you and similar things along those lines. It then occurred to me that to this people I am waiting for, its obvious I am either their idea of ‘saving the best for the last’ or they have no other choice and they are having me as ‘left overs’! How horrific does that sound?!

My point is.. when its a ‘saving the best for the last’ situation, I just believe, its like a been there, done that and now you are next, only difference is, this time I am here to stay and I’ll prove that to you by giving you a big wedding. The having the ‘leftovers’ situation to me is more like well my ideal girls are all married and well I need to settle down and you are really all the market has to offer so I must have you, otherwise I’ll be alone, the price I’ll pay to have you is a wedding! LOL, I am in a very pessimistic mood today.

Now which is better? I won’t even bother answering that question myself.

The place where this blog came from does not really have enough depth as I now have ‘writers block’!! To be continued some other time…………

na nite!

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