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Unlocking my mind!

The title of this blog is my current state of my mind in a summary.

Hello and good evening! I trust we are all well. I’m fine, happy, busy, tired, lacking a good night’s rest and I currently have a restless mind with loads of ideas.

So why is my mind restless?

I have realised in the last couple of years that a creative side in me is awakening and refusing to quench itself. I always had the desire to write when I was a lot younger. I used to write stories, poems and wished I was better. Then I started this blog when I decided to do a lot more writing, but I have never really spent time to hone the skill as I am not naturally gifted in that area. So I put writing on the back seat and rekindled my knitting. I can knit and crochet and read patterns etc, but it takes too long to do it as a business, I doubt anyone would pay for a scarf I make if I charge them for my time as well and it’s too expensive to do it as a constant hobby! For now, it is reserved as a gift to friends with new born babies and people who pay in advance (or at least a deposit) for a special order.

Next is sewing. After watching The Great British Sewing Bee, and getting tired of paying too much for sewing my aso ebi in London, I got my husband to buy me a sewing machine for Christmas. I have been to one sewing class which was fun. I made a pillow case lol and then I went on to sew two bow ties for my son’s first birthday. That’s about it. I, of course want to make more things but like knitting, sewing is also another expensive hobby and I need more classes, I think. Like my husband says, I have expensive hobbies.

My last creative attempt is to make things for interior design. My first attempt at this was to make a frame with the name of my friend’s daughter’s room written with a colourful mixed buttons. It came out okay but definitely not perfect. But I was excited nonetheless. Sigh!

Now, my mind is brewing a business idea I have discussed with a few people who think it is great, but I don’t want this to be like any of my pet projects. The execution has to be on point. *sigh*. So I have held off on getting the ball rolling for the fear I will only do a half baked job again!

So, these are some of the reasons why my mind is restless. So many things I want to do but I don’t think I’m doing them well enough or dedicating enough time to them. I admire people who find their niche and do it well. Maybe I haven’t found my calling yet, maybe I have and I just need to focus. I hope time will tell a successful story. To be continued…

Meanwhile, this Alicia Florrick’s relationship with Finn in The Good Wife is…ermm something. I was just saying how I loved their innocent friendship with no strings and then…. Well, I’m still on season 6 episode 9 so very behind. I might be wrong after all. But they are a perfect couple sha! As for that Peter, I rebuke husbands like him…. Hian! Do people like Lemond Bishop really exist!!! Lol no spoilers please!

Until next time, which will be sooner than you think!



The grass is greener where you water it

This is a quote i stole from my friend ‘Kiks’ blackberry status, check her out here. I am certain she doesn’t realise the impact her status had on me that very day a few months ago.

To me, that quote (wherever it is from) hit the nail right in the head because people keep saying the grass is greener on the other side and to me, in some ways, that removes the responsibility from the individual. However, the quote the grass is greener where you water it puts the power back in the hands of the individual. So what does this mean?

For some people living in poverty in Nigeria for example, they will long to move to the UK or the US or somewhere overseas because they believe that life in these places are a lot better. They forget that every country has poor people and life here may not be a lot better than what they currently have back home. Nothing is handed to you anywhere in the world, to have a better life we have to work hard towards it. A better way to see moving our of Nigeria for example could be to think about it of how they will source the kind of living they want legally. Or better still, save the money for a flight abroad and use it to make their lives in Nigeria better. After all, £1 is still over N200 and $1 is over n100, their money is worth more in Nigeria. When they have made some more, then they can more comfortably spread their wings.

I might have gone off point there but I think that is a vague example of how to change our thinking from watering the grass on the other side to watering it on our side.

PS: I am very aware that some poor people don’t have the opportunities or resources they need to make themselves better, for those who do and choose to day dream, the paragraph above is for them.

So to the matter at hand that got me thinking about this quote again:

I love my job, or should I say I used to love my job. I was always busy, always on the go, I was on top of everything, the top of my peers, I enjoyed learning and performing to the best of my ability. I was got good feedback at appraisals and so on. Which could be one of the reasons that lead them to change my department. I blogged about this back in December. So I was moved from compliance to mergers and acquisition tax which was meant to be more fast paced and involve a lot more thinking and strategising etc. It is more challenging that compliance and inevitably could involve working to very short deadlines and long hours.

As excited as I was to take this position, it never occurred to me that  I would be miserable. I am probably being dramatic, but to go from being 110% utilised to being less than 20% utilised I am sure you can understand my frustration. At first, because I was new and didn’t know much about it, I got dribbles of work, which was fine. Then the work started coming in and I absolutely enjoyed every moment of it. Seeing the nooks and crannies of big organisations being sold or trying to be sold and looking for tax risks that could be involved in the proposed sale or merger (boring I know, but I love it!).

However,  the stream of work has not been consistent. I was working on this project, which was the only one I had left to do and I was hanging on to it for my dear life when we received an email from the client to hold on and not do any further work till further notice. I need screamed! Like come on! What are the chances! So since then, which is about 2 weeks ago, I have had no work to do! To some this will be a luxury and they will be excited about this, but to me it is torture. I don’t know what to do with my idle hands. To make matters even worse, at work, I am expected to fill in a timesheet everyday to state which clients I have worked on and for how many hours. As you would have guessed, I haven’t worked on a lot of clients. Which means each time an email gets sent round by the top guys complaining about low utilisatio (that is people not working on client work) I feel awful! I mean, when I was in compliance, I would probably delete the email without reading it because I knew I wasn’t contributing hugely to it. But now, the emails feel like someone is actively rubbing rock salt in my wound.

To be fair, before I joined the team, my new ‘boss’ explained to me that would be times I would have nothing to do and times I would have too much to do and it is the nature of the industry. He also said I should enjoy the down time when they come around. However, I did not expect it to be this bad! I mean 2 weeks of coming to work and leaving without doing anything! I remember the days of getting to work by 8am and leaving at 6pm – 7pm (these are long hours in my trade). These days, even if I wake up early, I force myself to go back to bed so I don’t have to stay at work for too long. I aim to get in at quarter to 9 for a 9am start and leave 4:55pm for 5pm finish so I can catch my 4:59pm bus. My boss has been great through this to be honest. I was thinking of sitting him down to tell him how I felt under utilised and useless.. lol workwise doing nothing. Before I got the chance to pick up the phone to call him, he called me.

He just asked how I was doing and I said fine, thinking he was calling to give me work and then he was like really, how am I, that he knows I am frustrated because of the work thing, I should hang in there with him and that this is usually a quiet season because people are on holiday so they don’t like doing deals etc and I shouldn’t worry it will pick up.

The best outcome of this conversation was that he gave me permission to do tax advisory work – this will increase my chances of finding something to do. I am so excited and I have contacted the senior managers that usually have tax advisory work to pass some my way and I way a couple of useful leads. I am praying the story next week will be different. At least that would keep me busy until more projects come in.

SO how does this link to green grass and watering?

When I was in compliance, although I loved my job there, I kept wanting and wishing I was in the M&A department. They looked busy all the time, closing deals, doing tax due dilligence, it all sounded exciting and important. To be honest it is exciting and important (so is compliance lol), but – because I was watering the grass on that side of the fence, all I could see was the greens, that is, the positives. I failed to recognise or notice the downsides of being there – the seasonal aspects of the job.

Now that I am in M&A, I am doing the inevitable thing of watering the grass on the other side – compliance. All the greens I can see there right now is the fact that because companies have to submit their tax returns annually, there is always demand for compliance and so there is always work to do.

I miss being busy!

Wedding update:

I never realised it would be such a chore finding  the perfect bridesmaids dress! I mean, it has taken me longer to sort this out, despite the fact I have 10 bridesmaids! The issue is the dress we want costs about £218 each! So as a bargain hunter, I know that not every shop will stock it for this price. I made a list of stockists in London, Reading, Edinburgh, Luton, Croydon and their surrounding areas. I enlisted the help of my bridesmaids and other girl friends and we called each shop one after the other to find out which shop stocked the dress for the cheapest and would give us the best deal for 10 dresses. Let’s just say the best price we would was £175 each and 15% off, next to that was £189 each and 2 free dresses.

I think it is time to call it a day and order the dresses as they will take up to 14 weeks to arrive and 8ahem* the wedding is not far again o!!!

o la la la la!


My morbid thoughts

Advance warning.... this is a very queer and erm.. for lack of a better word.. weird post. Read at your own discretion. Enjoy.
I often wonder about death more than I ought to. As a Christian I believe there is Life after death, but even then the fear of the unknown gets me now and again. I am so sad inside when I read about people dying. Especially those that were shot or stabbed for no reason whatsoever, Mr Saunders, the barrister in Chelsea that got shot by the police, or bullying, Damilola Taylor that got stabbed in Peckham many years ago.  What a waste of life, I wonder what the person's family is going through. I couldn't begin to imagine.

Fortunately I haven’t experienced the death of anyone close to me. Closest I came to was one of my course mate at university.  We were not close, but I spoke to her a couple of times and she was a lovely person. A straight A student, finished her Chemical engineering degree with a first class.  After graduation, as you would expect she had bagged herself a good job which she deferred for a year so she could go travelling and volunteering. While travelling she died from high altitude sickness in Tibet, after visiting the highest navigable lake in the world. It’s really sad, I remember her now and again and still can’t believe she is gone. If I, someone who was not close to her can feel this way about her death, I wonder how her family . I know everyone received forwarded messages about how you shouldn’t take people for granted, especially those in your lives now that you love. I will like to encourage us all to cease everyday like it is the last and try to make it count. Let us be remembered for good things.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if i died. Obviously, l don’t pray to die before my time. I find that I am more curious than scared about death which again is disturbing. I don’t want to die, but i just wonder. So I started thinking about other dead people like Luter Vandross, Da’grin and Michael Jackson and wonder if they knew the would die in their subconscious at the point they passed away. Were they at peace at the hour of death or frantic? One of my gran’s friend had a smile on her face when she passed away. Stories like that give me some comfort. I am not saying  in any way that people who die without an expression are gnashing their teeth somewhere. I am just saying that the smile gave me evidence that death is not the end, something happens. Also, there is always a big fuss about celebrities especially when they die, for like the first year and then afterwards its like they never existed. I understand life has to go on, but it was a person who lived a life, walked this earth and breathed the same air we did, gone!

I must admit that I usually start thinking these morbid thoughts around my birthday, which is in a few days.  I think it might have to do with the fact that I love birthdays and I can’t stand the thought of not having one. I remember in high school on my birthday eve I used to think I would die for some really odd reason. I really can’t explain it, but I don’t think like that any more… i think. So I used to stay awake till midnight and pray and once its my birthday I go to bed thinking, at least I have added another year.

I repeated this same thinking 2 years ago. I found a lump in my body years ago, but to me I just used to say well what I don’t know won’t kill me, I would rather just live my life than go into the hospital and get a diagnostic that would make me sad and not enjoy the life I am currently living. So years down the line, just before my final masters exams, I decided to get it checked out and I was referred to a cancer specialist hospital to get a biopsy to make sure it was nothing. As my parents live in Nigeria, my aunt went with me to get the biopsy and thank God, it was nothing. The doctor said I could either remove it or leave it. So I was pleased to ignore the lump, but not my mother! She said I should take it out and what is not meant to be inside my body should not be there. So I went back to the hospital to book an appointment, once again this was around my birthday. When the lady asked me what date I wanted to come in, I immediately thought, well, I will be 21 in a few days, I will do it a day after my 21st birthday, at least then i would have been 21! I really don’t understand where these horrible thoughts about death stemmed from. My dad flew in as my mum couldn’t make and himself and my aunt waited while I was operated on. Anyway surgery done, no issues and apparently during my post surgery check up, the nurse said I was ‘disgustingly healthy’ I took that as a compliment :). That was 2 years ago. In hindsight, it was a stupid thing to do, I mean not going to the hospital earlier, I wouldn’t advice anyone to leave something like that for that long, I was just lucky it was nothing.

So yea, it is my birthday in a few weeks and I hope I won’t be thinking about death on the eve of it.


Saving the best for the last or having the left over?

Warning!! Read at your own risk. I have written about MY thoughts. Your comments are welcomed, but it is important to note that SO many random thoughts pass through my head. In a couple of days, I might blog about something completely opposite, who knows?

I started writing this blog on my blackberry and ‘saved draft’.. turns out save draft means sending it somewhere called the ‘cyber space recycling bin’! How annoying is that… as my first draft had a lot of quality point. Oh well!

So, what do I mean by my blog title? Yes, you guessed it, once again it has to do with relationships and love and yadeyah. I have been thinking recently about how people say just wait and he’ll come and look for you and similar things along those lines. It then occurred to me that to this people I am waiting for, its obvious I am either their idea of ‘saving the best for the last’ or they have no other choice and they are having me as ‘left overs’! How horrific does that sound?!

My point is.. when its a ‘saving the best for the last’ situation, I just believe, its like a been there, done that and now you are next, only difference is, this time I am here to stay and I’ll prove that to you by giving you a big wedding. The having the ‘leftovers’ situation to me is more like well my ideal girls are all married and well I need to settle down and you are really all the market has to offer so I must have you, otherwise I’ll be alone, the price I’ll pay to have you is a wedding! LOL, I am in a very pessimistic mood today.

Now which is better? I won’t even bother answering that question myself.

The place where this blog came from does not really have enough depth as I now have ‘writers block’!! To be continued some other time…………

na nite!

One of those days

I spoke to someone from my past today and it was a very interesting conversation but I could not help but feel down afterwards. For a very happy person, or at least according to my friends who think I am and some say they envy me, but I do not think I am a very happy person. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have terminally ill family members or stones and rumbling down my life, but I like to think happiness is all relative. Someone who losses a pen can feel as much pain as someone who £1,000 was stolen from. That is the way I see things, because of the sentiments people attach to these things. I am not saying it is right or wrong, all I am saying is at that point in time, they are feeling the same emotion which equally feels horrible.

So, why did I feel bad, I have no idea. I guess its just the way I felt I came across. I felt I cam across as pompous. I think I seriously have issues, I don’t know why I felt like that, but I did. Then I started giving out unnecessary information and in return, he share pieces of news which were very exciting, like a couple of our old friends getting married and even he himself is thinking of getting married which is also really exciting. So naturally, I thought about myself again, back to this same old marriage story. This time, I was thinking where my lane changed? When in my life did I change track? Am I on the right track? I have NO CLUE.  I remember when I was kid, my expectations in life were very simple. The simplest ever, but at the same time, I had no real life ambition or aspiration. Even though for some weird reason I always knew I wanted to study something that involved mathematics and drawing, so my options then were engineering, or architecture and then eventually I studied chemical engineering. I knew I wanted en education, this was when I was back in Nigeria, my parents could afford to give me one and since I can remember my parents have always worked, both my mum and dad and even now, they are still working, so even though then as a child, I thought I wanted an easy life, not a lot of stress, maybe just get a simple job that I’ll just have to turn up on time and leave when work is over and then pop out kids and be a housewife.

My problem  now is my views of life are so different, I believe I was a different person then. I also feel like I have swung too far to the other side, I need some balance. I am talking so much change in 7 years. 7 years is a long time, but still not long enough for me to an entirely different person. I am having to catch up with myself, and now that I think about it, do I know me? I feel like I have been on a very fast track, I haven’t really had the chance to think. I started school before I can even remember, I went through some old school reports to find out that I repeated nursery because I couldn’t write or read, not sure which and then a couple of years later, I changed schools so I had to repeat primary 1 because the school I changed to would not let me go on to primary 2. So pretty much, I have repeated twice before I eventually got into the swing of school like my other colleagues. Having been set back by 2 years educationally, I still found that I was one of the youngest in my year when I moved to England. I was born in November, but I still managed to carry on school years in England with those born before August if that makes sense. So from A levels onwards, it was a responsible and fast lane. So, 2 years of A levels, got really good grades, well come on, my parents were paying thousands of pounds as an international student for me to school here, and they never made me forget that they are working hard to make ends meet, which translated to, do your bit by getting good grades. From A levels, moved on to Imperial College, even more pressure, no longer the top of the class, had to work harder to be an average student and then from University straight into work. I have loved every part of it, but when I look back, I feel like every step of the way I am loosing a part of myself. The question is, am I becoming a better person or a worse person? Time will tell, but would it be too late by then? These are thoughts that have occupied my head this night, other than the election results.

The question now is, do I go ahead and try to carry out the game plan in my head or just chill, but I have not had a chill pill since 2003! It is such a foreign thought to me, each time I try to chill, reflex kicks in. I am also tired of trying to get free therapy from my friends, because I have loads of issues and I am beginning to feel weird sharing them with people I know and see everyday, hence this lamentation. Maybe I should invest in a shrink, but before that, I need to learn to drive first.

So… Good night for now and may the best party win!


Like every girl, I dream about my wedding day frequently, not recently though as I had other thoughts occupying my mind. But, I saw pictures of a pretty much fairy tale wedding, in Nigeria that just made me start thinking about my still to come’ wedding day. I still don’t know the fine details of the wedding, but I heard the dress alone cost £14,000, lie? truth? I don’t know but what I know is that wedding was beautiful, the pictures oozed with wealth, and my eyes, were well fed!

So like it would, it got me thinking of my wedding.. whenever that day would be. My friends think i am a wedding freak, but I am not really. I enjoy looking at wedding pictures and talking about it, but for someone who is supposedly a wedding freak, I don’t have a lot of plans for mine. All I know is I want it to be beautiful! From little details like the wedding invite to things as big as my dress… oh boy my dress.. it has to be gorgeous but i don’t want to break the bank! For now, I don’t think I am ready to be married. Maybe another 4years or less.. who knows?

The CBM position is going to be an interesting one as I don’t have a sister, but if I am to keep it in the family, it would probably be my cousin, who I have lived with pretty much for the last 7 years. Extending it to friends would be quite tricky, because I have wonderful friends, it would be difficult picking one. I might just end up with a rota, jokes.

People always ask me because of my passion for weddings what I would do if the person I eventually meet to marry does not share my passion for weddings or would not want to go ahead with the wedding the way I want to. I always say to them I would never meet such a person and even if I do meet such a person, our relationship will not go past friendship. I can only hope this would not backfire.

Have a lovely evening. xxx

Feeding your thoughts

You know how a tiny thought comes into your head, and you feed on this thought, as in, you keep thinking about different scenarios around this thought, or even, you conclude on it and fill in the blanks in between the tiny thought and the finished product, which is your conclusion of where the thought is leading. Okay, now I don’t know if I have make any sense.

This happens to me loads, I sense there is a 1% chance of something happening so I feed on that 1% till it seems like 110% in my head and go on carrying unnecessary burdens thinking about it and dwelling on it and been a drama queen about it, that by the time I realise I am just been silly, I have wasted weeks of my life!

This also reflects in issues as petty as say I “think” a guy I like likes me. I get excited prematurely and over process the whole thing that sometimes I conclude I can’t stand the guy before he even opens his mouth to say hello!! Obviously I can conclude equally that I am in love with him. This is not just for guys by the way, same applies for new people I meet, in terms of possible friendship. Crazy!  It is like been overly optimistic with no valid fact to back it up.

I finally decided to put a stop to this last night and I tried to reason why this happens in the first place, but I really couldn’t come up with a reason. Could it be because I am bored and need some sort of excitement, I just want to make up stories in my head to keep me occupied? I don’t think so because I am busy enough for that to be the reason.

Having said all of the above, my been optimistic also has its positives. It keeps me sane in this crazy world, filled with negatives. The news channels are swarming with negative news, and then I think of my bank account and how hard I work and the fact that as the money is going in, it is getting taxed and going out at the same time and I barely have anything to show for it. That alone in itself is depressing. So many negatives I can think of that I would rather not remember now, so I guess having a super imaginative mostly positive mind is not a bad thing. But I have to keep it in check.

With this I  say ta… xxx


Who are you?


I find myself sometimes asking myself who I am, especially when I am faced with the world. In my own little world, I believe  I understand people and I can read people and signs from people just to get a feel of their personality and the kind of person they are. So that said, the people I come across make me ask myself who I am. The reason been they have amazing characters. Some good amazing and some.. lets just say funny amazing.

Just for the purpose of this blog, I am a size 10 right and I am not a weight freak, I don’t really care what I weight as long as I am not obese and i set a maximum size 12 for myself just because based on my body mass index, even at size 10, I am nearly overweight and I have heard bmi is not very accurate especially as I have very dense bones, being African. But that’s besides the point.  So as I was saying, I love my chocolate, especially snickers… hmmmm now to make you beg you for it, just make it cold or frozen…. that just makes my mouth water. I also love M&S percy pigs, and sainsbury’s bakery chocolate chip muffin ( the 4 in a pack ones), M&S chocolatey rounds, I could so go on. long story short, I love my junk food, but I am not great at the gym. I hardly ever go. While I was in university, it was free to go to the gym so I used it more then, but now, I don’t drive, plus there isn’t a decent one nearby and I just come up with all sorts of excuses not to go.

So what was the essence of telling you my weight and favorite snacks, it is because people around me keep hounding me for eating. I am a kind of person anything I do, I tell at least one person, that’s me! So when I am having lunch and I love what I am eating, I change my blackberry status or twitter to something like.. hmm I love goat cheese and olives and someone pings me back going.. ooo you love food too much, oo you always talk about food etc, and I am thinking how does it affect you? Am not obese, I am not eating your food, plus it is my lunch! Same with dinner.. but because I know who I am I don’t dwell on it for too long, but to be honest it is very annoying and I was not a confident person, I could be bulimic or anorexic now.

Now drinking is number two on my list. I am not a heavy drinker, I drink socially but apart from religion, the reasons why i don’t drink heavily are:

  • I find alcohol expensive and a waste of my money
  • I wonder how one could keep drinking without feeling too full and eventually stop enjoying the drink
  • I heard hang overs are horrible so I never want to be hung over, plus you enjoy the night more when you know what you are doing
  • I don’t want to have an  excuse for my stupidity, if i am going to be stupid, I’ll rather be sober.

I am not saying people who drink are stupid by the way, I just know people who do things they wouldn’t normally do sober and then blame the drink. I also find that as obvious as it is, one man’s food is another man’s poison. I got told recently by a friend that he can’t go out for fun with me because I don’t drink. My immediate reaction was, well I do have fun when I go out, I drink but I don’t get drunk and I am NOT going to change that so that people can think I am fun to go out with.

On a more general note, in social gatherings, or things as simple as lunch, I study people and find that some are too scared to make decisions for themselves because they want to be with the majority. For example, if someone says hey who wants to go clubbing tonight, the first thing i think about is, I am free, do I have other things I need to sort out, not who else is going, will so and so be there, or stall on an answer till am sure people will go. Sometimes taking my approach can be lonelybecause for example you could end up being the only person there, but I would rather do that that just be a follower. I am a good team worker, but if everyone decides to be a follower, I will gladly be a leader. Have a mind of your own, make your own path.

I think I have written enough for today, with that I say goodnight. xxx


“Friendship” …. a full time job pt 1

It may seem as if I always talk about myself, but the truth is the only person I can talk about in truth and in enough detail to nearly 100% accuracy is myself, so bare with me.

"..I'll be there...."I cherish and value friendship so much even my family sometimes think I love my friends more than my family, that is how bad it is. I have been in so many different kinds of friendships, some are still existing, some hanging by a thread and some long gone and still I am told I have too many friends. That one i agree with, its hard to keep in touch with everyone, but I try.

I am a strong believer in not writing off any source of new friendship because you think you already have enough friends or you think you don’t have enough in common with the person. Here is why, if you only make friends with those you have something in common with, there will be a time where those friends will not be available or a time where you would be going through some issues those friends cannot relate to.

My motto is make friends sensibly with whoever really. I don’t wake up each morning thinking… I must make a new friend today but I am open to whoever wants to be my friend. Let me rephrase, I am approachable to whoever wants to be my friend.  I am also not saying to tell every tom dick and harry your most intimate secrets.  Start off by speaking to them, source them out, decide what category of friends they fall into, and then you then decide how much of your life you are willing to share with them.

In another context, there are friends that will rely on you emotionally and others who you will rely on emotionally, the world is round after all. There are friends who are always negative and those who are positive and those who have their days. You don’t have to pick and choose, just make sure you are prepared for whatever comes your way. If you have some negative friends, make sure you have a way to replenish yourself after conversing with them, try to be as positive as possible to them because they need you to be positive for them. After all everyone has their role to play in this world.

It is very important not to forget yourself in all of this. Find some “you” time otherwise you’ll end up cranky and eventually loose yourself. Another good reason to have a variety of friends. From my experience it is useful to take a break from one group of friends and spend the time with another group of friends. This helps you appreciate what you have in one set that you don’t have in another. It helps put things in perspective. At the same time it is essential to make sure that some friends don’t feel inferior to others. Easier said than done right, but with practice, it’ll be next to breathing.

I have too much to say about friendship and I am sure I am not articulating myself well enough, but this will have to be continued some other day. To end this, a “friend” did something to me the other day that made me think about this: “Who do you go to when life is gray, still and everything seems to go down hill and who do you go to when you are in your prime, when you are happy, when things seem to be perfect“. When you think about it, are you going to the same people? I personally think it is only fair for you to share your happiness with those who shared your sadness with you.

Have a good night.

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