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3 Gbosas for God

How great is my God! He never sleeps and he doesn’t slumber!

There are some news you hear that just makes you want to climb up to heaven and give God a big fat wet kiss on his lips and say, go on God, there are truly benefits to worshipping you!

However, I realise that would mean I have to die first! Lol my purpose on earth is not yet finished. I shall be patient.

But God, you are good and we shall sing and rejoice in you, we shall continually testify of your goodness! I am proud and honoured to be your daughter!

Let’s us continually pray without ceasing, for he answers at the appointed time. I pray your testimony will be right around the corner for you, waiting to embrace you!

I shall be back!

Enjoy the rest of your week!



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2 thoughts on “3 Gbosas for God

  1. Thank God. Oya tell us this great thing God has done o. Encourage us with your testimony.

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