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The proposal story

The suspense is finally over. Seeing as you guys were involved from the beginning, the oohs and ahhs of it all, it would be unfair not to share this too.

Here it goes…

DT said he wanted us to have Christmas dinner before I left for Nigeria. So I immediately went into planning mode and asking him questions about when he wanted us to have the dinner so I could organize it but he said no, leave this to me, I will sort this out. Then he goes, you like surprises right, I will surprise you. (we have this thing where any time he asks me what I want, I always say surprise me).

So I think it was the Friday before, he gave me an update on the dinner, told me to keep Thursday night free and I already had plans for Thursday night, usually he would have rescheduled our dinner but he was quite adamant that I cancelled my plans for Thursday and so i did. Then he told me the dress code for the ‘event’ we were going for was black tie. I started asking questions again that is he sure because I immediately assumed we were going to the theatre and the theatre isn’t black tie. I asked him if he was sure i wouldn’t be overdressed, he said i should trust him so I did.

Thursday quickly came along, the night before, i couldn’t sleep because I was wondering what the surprise was. Anyway, I got to his, we got dressed and set off. He said we had to be there for 7:30pm. I said no problem. We got on the underground and I ask where we were going, he said “I thought you said you like surprises!” so I laughed and kept quiet. Finally, we got off at Embankment station and then he goes, “I can now tell you where we are going”. I said okay, where? He said “we are going for a 5 course dinner on the Thames, the boat is called the symphony etc.. I hope you like it….”.I got so excited! I assured him I would love it. So we got seated on the boat, we were sitting by the window, had complimentary champagne, wines etc. The food started coming, we chatted, took pictures, etc.

I noticed he was getting a bit restless and kept on thinking he was bored because he kept going to the toilet, then to find the front of the boat, then to take pictures outside etc. I really didn’t think much about it than he was bored. I asked him if he was okay and he said yes that he was trying to take it all in. Anyway, he kept on saying that this was all for me and that he wants me to be happy and he hopes I am enjoying myself. I was like, are you kidding me, this is amazing, the food is yum, the ambiance is perfect and the live band is amazing!

When the boat got to tower bridge, he asked if i wanted to take a picture outside and I said yes. So we went outside, everyone else was inside and he started taking pictures.then he asked me if he could make a speech and I am like of course you can. Once again, I didn’t pick up on this because a couple of weeks ago, he was saying about how he was going to start a series of speeches and basically talking about him, us, me,how happy he was, we were etc. At the end of the speech 2 weeks ago, he said that was the end of part 1. So when he asked to give a speech on the boat, I assumed it was part two and then he started talking again…. Lol (private yarns ;), but amazing words and thoughts as you can imagine). Then he said he got me a token gift and asked me to close my eyes (once again, I did not pick this up, I feel so silly, I mean if it were someone else saying this I would have been like are you kidding, there were loads of tell tale signs. The thing is each time I buy him a gift or buy something new, i tell him to close his eyes before i show him).

He went on to say this gift was very important to him and then he told me to open my eyes. But I opened my eyes and looked straight-ahead but couldn’t see him, then I realized he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring ever asking me to marry him. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but with no doubt in my mind I said yes! Everyone on the boat then started clapping. Lol I felt like was dreaming, I still feel like that. I keep looking at my finger to make sure it wasn’t an exaggerated fantasy or dream. It isn’t!

We went back into the boat and danced till we got back to Embankment station. Then he told me about the ring story. How one of my best friends, Versace knew and it was her and her fiancé that helped with the ring. Lol I couldn’t believe Versace knew all along! Then I remembered how I was chatting with her on bbm and she said one of her friend’s boyfriend was about to propose and she is helping him pick the ring and i got so excited for the girl,not knowing the girl was me! She said that was the best she could do, that usually when she hears news like that she shares it with me and now she couldn’t.

Long story short, we are both happy and so are our families. Now we have a wedding to plan. It should be exciting lol! I pray as everything else has been smooth between us, it will continue to be. I pray that as our families have been united, they will continue to be. I pray that this wedding and our marriage will open doors to even more blessings for us in Jesus name. I also pray that God will bless our well wishers even more than he has blessed us. Amen

PS: if anyone has any wedding planning tips, please feel free to share.

PPS: Nigeria is HOT!

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28 thoughts on “The proposal story

  1. In Kelly Price’s voice… He proposed… Congrats babes…. God bless you both… And your union…. Please plan the wedding fast so some of us can attend. Lol.
    Nigeria has to be hot (weather and everything else). Just tryna enjoy it and have fun..

    DT tried sha. As for not seeing the signs, I just think it is natural. When it is someone else, we easily spot it and can tear the person’s head off for not knowing. But when it is us, we are so blind….

    Congratulations once again

  2. Congratulations! It’s my first time here. Wish you the best of the newife u r abt to start. Wedding planning tip: Don’t be your own wedding planner. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a professional, just write ur preferences down and find trusted people to assign ‘projects’ to. This is a guaranteed stress-avoidance tactic.

    Also, here’s a vendor u need to check out:,,

    • Thank you so much! The link will come in handy!

      My mum is definitely going to do most of the planning. Because I have an exam in May all I am focusing on is my dress and my bridal train’s outfit. Every other thing I am hoping to approve or disapprove. Lol thanks so much.

  3. Im all kinds of excited for you babe!! Congratulations!! We are going to be wedding twins!! Have you set a date??? Wooooop Woooooop!!!


  4. What an aww-inspiring story. Congratulations, I’m so happy for you and DT. Imma be looking out for that email about the color and price of the asebi for the wedding.

  5. Awwww, this is so romantic. Congrats o, I am really happy for you. Please, try not to get overwhelmed by the wedding preps o. I pray that God will be with you in th next phase of your life

  6. awwwww…. This is soooo sweet! God bless both of you… And make sure I get an invite to the wedding 🙂

  7. So so cute! I feel like a fly on the wall, lol…

    Congrats dear and wishing you all the best in the planning and preparations for the wedding.

  8. Awwwwwieeeeeeeee!!!
    Sooooo cute!!!
    So soo cute!
    Lol @ the part where you said you always get him to close his eyes before you give him a gift. Lol..sooo cute and cheesy!!
    I’m so so happy for you!! I’d be praying for you guys and the wedding plans and all. By His grace, it will go smoothly!!
    So happpyyyyy!! lol.#ilovelove!
    Congratulations again!!! xx

    I am so happy for you.
    I wish you the best in 2012
    Please dont let wedding plans distract you from the fact that ‘marriage is forever and the wedding is just a day’
    Love each other endlessly…every second and every minute.

    PS_ thanks for checking up on me. Much appreciated!

  10. I love me a good proposal story and this one just rocks…all the better for you not having a clue. Wish you both a bright future together!

  11. abuoma on said:

    nice….congrats on your engagement 🙂

  12. Congratulaations again sugar plum!!! and Happy New year!!


  13. Well, congratulations…

    And now another journey begins

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  15. oh myyyyyyyyy! tried not to shed a teaR….. congrats hun….

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