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There is something in the water

Drink at your own expense!

Lol – what is angel talking about now o?

So, I know of 5 bloggers, myself included, that had a baby boy between November and March! Not only was 2013 the year to conceive boys, in my own mind, five bloggers were in the stats.

Hmmm, I think 2014 is for girls. Two of my friends have pink bundles, hence my speculation but they are not bloggers. I have a good feeling about this year my blog friends. I pray this time next year, we will be testifying about more blogger bundles.

Congratulations to the new mums and mums to be. Ire na a kari for every woman out there by God’s grace! Amen



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7 thoughts on “There is something in the water

  1. Ahaha, really? You think so? Hmmm….maybe you are right…congratulations to you and your friends with their pink bundles of joy and to every blogger mum. And I use this medium to ask GOD to use blogger mums as a contact to other bloggers waiting for their own bundle of joy in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. Amen! Angel, how have you been? Been a while i came here. Hope you’re good

  3. When will you start having ‘good feelings’ about mass weddings on blogsville?

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